23/06: International Women in Engineering Day

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Posted 23.06.22

Women in Engineering

Energi People celebrate International Women in Engineering

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, Energi People have spoken to various female Engineers to heighten their profile in a world where women Engineers are still under-represented in their professions. We asked various women in the sector to provide some feedback on the benefits of being a woman in Engineering, whether the sector is doing enough to promote more women to get into the industry and whether more women are getting involved in Engineering nowadays. Our questionnaire has travelled to the Middle East, as we have collaborated with WIBSE: Women in Building Services Engineering (a CIBSE Network).

What are the benefits of being a woman in Engineering?

“Statistics show that women only make up 14.5% of the engineering workforce making them highly untapped in the industry. While this may be something I can fully attest to but I am also a firm believer that being a minority within the industry does reap benefits. The leverage of being a woman in engineering is that it allows achieving diversity which helps generate new ideas for solving problems. There’s also the gratification of knowing we are the change-makers of tomorrow. The opportunities within the industry are endless.”

“One of the strength that women present in the industry is being able to find solutions out of the box especially when it get heated and stress level gets higher. Women have the natural ability to work well under pressure, think and act fast, multi-task and most important women have higher empathy to people and can understand other people point of view when in conflict.”

“Being a women in engineering, I feel proud that I my ideas and work can impact the environment (buildings) in which people live and work. Through my role, I get to be my innovative self in generating ideas for sustainable building operation.”

Our survey shows that 100% of women Engineers voted ‘Yes’ to more women getting involved in the industry.

Do you think the sector is doing enough to promote more women to get into Engineering?

“We see that organizations are ramping up their efforts in ensuring that the gender gap is bridged and the importance of diversity and inclusion. However, I believe that the biggest driver of promoting women within the engineering industry is to have female role models. There must be more women in leadership positions as this would accelerate achieving gender equality and empower those who wish to pursue a career in engineering. Our ultimate aim at WiBSE is to celebrate women superheroes around us by showcasing their words of wisdom, advice or challenges.”

“Unfortunately, It is still not enough. We do see women in engineering but they do seem to limit their presence in the technical field and lower position. Very few women makes it to the top. We need to see more women in higher positions in the industry so that other women and little girls can realize it is still a possibility for them. Women also needs to do that extra work of talking, sharing their accomplishments. We tend to be shy in this area. Every women needs to promote her work, you don’t know who might be listening and get inspired by you!”

“Yes, I think the engineering sector has become more inclusive and diverse. Personally, I have come across numerous firms with an equal employee ratio and pay scale for women. This is also supported by various engineering societies across the globe that support and mentor young individuals and students.”

Were there any particular companies or governing bodies that enabled you to make the leap into Engineering?

“There weren’t any companies/bodies that were active when I was looking for opportunities. Hence at WiBSE we are trying to revive our presence to encourage and empower those around us.”

“It was all by luck. I was a nerd in math and ended up in engineering because it was my only option at the time. But turns out to be one of the best decisions of my life.”

“My inspiration to leap into engineering came from a number of friends and family, especially women doing a great job within various engineering fields. I consider myself fortunate enough to be surrounded by supportive acquaintances and professors who magnified my interest in engineering.”

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

Evidently, there is still great room for greater female representation within the building services industry. Energi People are committed to raising awareness of the importance of improving diversification and inclusion. We stand with International Women in Engineering and look forward to seeing more diverse role models within the industry.

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