3 Reasons To Work For A High Growth Construction Engineering Company

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3 Reasons To Work For A High Growth Construction Engineering Company

High growth construction engineering companies can offer their employees fantastic career progression and an opportunity to make their mark. Find out whether you’re a good fit for a fast growing firm here.

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One of the challenges technical candidates have, which we outlined in a recent blog post here, is knowing what type of company is a good fit for them. Factors such as culture and values can make all the difference to whether you get job satisfaction and the opportunities you want from an employer. Another important factor is the size of the firm, this heavily influences the work environment and your role.

We often meet candidates who want to work for the ‘big names’. The prestige that comes from working for a well known construction engineering firm, and the projects they attract, is very appealing. But not everyone is a good fit for a large company, and in many cases there are more rewards to be had from working for a smaller operation.

Within the construction engineering fields there are many different sizes and styles of businesses. One group to look out for are the fast growing companies. They sit somewhere in between startups and established SMEs, and offer many of the benefits of both. Here are 3 reasons to consider working for a high growth construction engineering firm:

  1. Great career progression

Fast growing companies need people to help them win work and deliver it. Without the right people their growth can stall. That means there are often lots of opportunities for promotion from within the ranks, especially when you’ve got a good understanding of the company. If you work hard and show that you want more challenges, responsibilities etc., many high growth companies will give you the opportunity.

If you want to know if there’s good career progression at a company you’ve applied to, ask what the person vacating the job is now doing. If they’ve been promoted and the company are happy to discuss future opportunities, it’s a good indication that you could also see a similar progression.

  1. More dynamic environment

Like startups, many high growth companies have an agile approach where decisions are made quickly, changes are implemented fast, and processes are more flexible. They often promote collaboration and transparent communication across the company, where suggestions from employees are taken seriously and can be adopted very quickly. This creates a dynamic environment to work in and a great opportunity to make your mark.

  1. Get exposure to different projects and areas of the business

There’s less of a chance of being ‘pigeon-holed’ in a fast growing company and more opportunity to get exposure to a range of projects and areas of the business. As well as experience you also get a chance to learn and this can give you the skills you need to progress or even move into a different area. For example, instead of looking for a promotion to a more senior position, you may decide to pursue a slightly different career path such moving into a business development role or project management.

If you’re not sure what type of company would be a good fit for you, speak to your recruiter. By understanding what you want from your career, the type of environment you like to work in, and your preferred style of working, we can help you identify the type of construction engineering firm that offers a good fit.

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