5 Technical Recruitment Predictions For 2019

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5 Technical Recruitment Predictions For 2019

As 2018 draws to a close, Nick Rothery offers insights into the trends that will shape technical recruitment in 2019.

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As we say goodbye to 2018 I’ve been thinking about what our clients need to prepare for in 2019. Here are my technical recruitment predictions for the year ahead.

  1. More investment in employee retention

The historic skills shortage in the construction industry and high demand for technical candidates in fields like cyber security and mission critical facilities, has highlighted the need to retain the talent and knowledge already in the business.

While employers need to be looking at a variety of retention strategies, career development should be a priority. We’re increasingly meeting candidates that are attracted to new roles that offer training and development opportunities, in many cases they wouldn’t consider a move if their current employer was doing the same.

In my opinion, career development not only has a positive impact on retention but also helps create a more sustainable talent pipeline. Employers can promote from within and recruit for more junior positions which are often easier to fill, and also attract top technical candidates looking for a company that provides good career development.

  1. Faster recruitment cycles

The need for speed has been well documented in recent years, but many companies are still missing out on candidates because their recruitment processes are too slow. In a candidate’s market all recruiters need to find ways to streamline the time to hire, no more so that when recruiting for highly specialist roles such as in IT security.

Our advice on speeding up time to hire can be found here.

  1. The Employer Value Proposition (EVP) takes centre stage

The need to differentiate your company to attract top candidates is something we’re already witnessing in the construction engineering fields. We expect to see more companies promoting their employer value proposition (EPV) in 2019, including benefits such as career development, to improve recruitment and retention.

Employers first need to understand their existing staff and potential employees’ perception of their employer brand and culture, and then explore ways to enhance the positives and address any weaknesses.

  1. Candidates want to see ‘social proof’

Social media provides employers with more ways to attract and engage potential employees, but candidates are increasingly looking for validation that what a company says about their culture and employer brand is true.

Just as review sites like TripAdvisor have become a popular way to decide whether to eat out at a restaurant, sites like Glassdoor provide candidates with ways to ‘social proof’ potential employers. While ‘user-generated’ content like this cannot be controlled by an organisation, there are ways to encourage and promote positive messages about the company. Speak to your marketing team about how you can engage existing staff in company advocacy programmes.

  1. Strategic partnerships with recruiters become more important

To ensure that companies get the talent they need, when they need it, it has become increasingly important to build long term relationships with recruiters that understand your business. At Energi People we’ve never wanted to provide a purely transactional, numbers based, recruitment service. Our focus has always been on building strategic partnerships with our clients, which allows us to deliver real value to them.

In industries, and for job functions, where it’s becoming harder to find the right candidates with the right expertise, a strategic partnership approach with a specialist recruiter delivers much better outcomes. We expect that more companies in 2019 will seek out these relationships to help future proof their recruitment strategies.

What do you think will shape technical recruitment in 2019? Share your thoughts in the comments below.