5 ways to improve the candidate experience for technical hires

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5 ways to improve the candidate experience for technical hires

Like it or not all employers have a candidate experience. In this post we explore 5 ways to improve the candidate experience for technical hires.

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The candidate experience has become a key part of a successful technical hire. No longer is it a question of you, the employer, picking the right candidates for your technical jobs; now it’s about the candidate picking you!

While ‘candidate experience’ may sound a bit fluffy in technical fields like construction, engineering and information technology (the markets we predominantly recruit for), don’t dismiss it.

Regardless of whether or not you like it, you company has a candidate experience. It’s the candidate’s perception of the hiring process so it might as well be a good one! A negative candidate experience can not only effect your company’s recruitment success, but also damage company reputations and even impact the bottom line.

Here are our tips for improving the candidate experience for technical hires.

Steps to improve the candidate experience

  1. Review your careers site

If you have a careers section on your website or any other digital assets (LinkedIn careers page etc.) that are targeted at technical candidates, make sure they are marketing your employer brand effectively. Information should be easy to find including content about your recruitment process, what it’s like to work for your company, FAQs and, of course, available technical jobs.

It’s worth getting your marketing team, or external agency, to have a look at these assets. They can help you ensure the content is engaging the right candidates and has the ability to convert them into job applicants.

  1. Streamline your recruitment process

Many companies lose out on talented technical candidates because their recruitment process is too slow. A recruitment process that’s aligned with a positive candidate experience progresses candidates through key steps quickly, keeping them focused on your job opportunity.

  1. Use recruitment consultants that share your values

If you’re using a specialist technical recruitment agency to source and shortlist candidates, make sure they share your values and align their processes with your candidate experience. External recruiters need to become an extension of your recruiting team; mirroring your culture, values and employer brand.

  1. Provide interviewers with training and support

According to LinkedIn report, 83% of candidates say that a negative interview experience can change their mind about a role or company they once liked. Whereas a positive experience can change 87% of peoples’ minds for the better about a company they weren’t sure of.

Inexperienced interviewers, or those that are a bit ‘old skool’, can have a negative impact on the candidate experience. Training is available to help interviewers ask the right questions and, most importantly, listen to what the candidates have to say; as well as advice for presenting the job opportunity and company in an engaging way. Speak to your recruitment agency about this, we’re always happy to offer informal training and tips for improving your interview technique.

  1. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes

A great way to improve the candidate experience is to walk through your recruitment process in the candidate’s shoes. Think about what they need from you at key parts of the process. Is it information, an update, or an invitation to meet the team?

Consider what you need to do to keep candidates engaged if they’re also talking to other companies – what will make them hang on to see how your job opportunity pans out? Keep asking yourself whether their experience is positive. Also explore ways to negate any negative aspects of your process, such as keeping lines of communication open when there are lulls in the process.

Technical candidates may be practical kinds of people but they still like to be wined and dined! As talented individuals are always in high demand, employers need to keep them engaged and actively interested in the role and your company. So don’t ignore the candidate experience: you’ve got one so you make sure it’s great!

If you have any questions about recruiting technical candidates or would like further support, please get in touch.