From British Gas to recruitment: A Q&A with Recruitment Consultant Joshua White

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From British Gas to recruitment: A Q&A with Recruitment Consultant Joshua White

This Energi People blog takes us on the journey of Recruitment Consultant Joshua White, from his plumbing days to recruiting for the building services sector.

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It’s the end of financial year. ‘How?’ I hear you ask. It seems like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas! Now the clocks have gone forward, we are seeing longer days and in true British style…some snow is on its way. Why not pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy the latest edition of Energi People’s very own Q&A. This edition takes us on the journey of Joshua White, from his plumbing days to recruiting for the building services sector. The perfect recipe for quality consultancy.

A Q&A with Recruitment Consultant Joshua White

Lauren: Hi Josh!

Josh: Hiya!

Lauren: Thank you for doing this interview today. Shall we start off by introducing yourself – who are you and what is your role at Energi People?

Josh: Yes, so I’m Josh White and I have been with Energi People for 8 months now and I am based on the Building Services desk, mainly looking after White Collar M&E recruitment. Roles range from Site Managers to Project Managers and the occasional Quantity Surveyors and Estimators.

Lauren: I see, and how long have you been in this industry for?

Josh: I have been in the recruitment industry for 8 months, so not too long at all.

Lauren: What were you doing before?

Josh: I was in Sales for British Gas, so I was a Territory Salesperson and covered the Windsor, Slough and Maidenhead area. I was doing a lot of face-to-face sales, where I would have the opportunity to go to people’s houses and spec heating systems, boilers, and sell the British Gas products whilst I was there. Later on in my life at British Gas, I branched out and did a mixture of face-to-face and also what was called guided sales back then, otherwise known as video call sales appointments. I was with them for 3 years and enjoyed my time there, but a time came where I needed a change.

Lauren: And how did you come to that decision?

Josh: Mainly new challenges really, British Gas were going through a tough time with Covid, there were a lot of changes in management. There were also quite a few redundancies being made, thus I saw colleagues and engineers move on, which made me feel in that moment that it was the right time for me to take on the next step in my career.

Lauren: That is a really interesting point. So what would you say to your current candidates who might be anxious about moving on to new opportunities? A recent report claims almost a quarter of UK workers propose on leaving their roles within the next six months – with the two main motivators being the COVID-19 pandemic and related burnout. Candidates might have fears about moving on to different opportunities because of the job market and whether their job is going to be secure. What would you say to candidates?

Josh: Moving jobs is one of the biggest decisions that you will make in your life and security is a number one priority. A big priority for us is getting to know our clients really well, their staff turnover, what their business is like and I certainly wouldn’t recommend someone if there was an unreliable opportunity. We look to find the best opportunities for our candidates that will set themselves up with a long-term plan. I want candidates to grow and develop within the business and therefore security is something I obviously take seriously.

Have you got any hot opportunities at the moment?

Josh: Yes absolutely. We have a couple of Project Manager roles in London for mechanically biased people and there is always a demand for Site Supervisors, particularly in London. We have about 5/6 opportunities on, an Electrical Estimator, 2 Mechanical Project Managers and 3 Electrical Site Managers. So I have some fantastic opportunities available and I am looking for some great candidates.

Lauren: Fantastic, thank you Josh. What would you say is your Unique Selling Point?

Josh: Having worked at British Gas and also having been a plumber – working on new build residential projects, this really complements my role in the Building Services team.

Lauren: What qualifications did you get for your plumbing accreditation?

Josh: I did an apprenticeship and therefore achieved a Level 2 NVQ in Plumbing and Heating. I then went on to study further qualifications in underfloor heating and G3 Vented and Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems.

Lauren: That is a great USP, you evidently have an abundance of experience in this field.

Josh: Yes and knowing the candidates quite well, the projects that they do and having an understanding of what our clients are looking for is of huge importance.

Lauren: So building strong relationships is one of your top priorities then?

Josh: Yes definitely. I catch up with my clients on a regular basis even if there are no live jobs at the time. I think it is important to  check in with them to talk about work and sometimes on a more personal level, even about the football! The same applies with candidates too. Aftercare is definitely a priority too, to ensure the candidates have settled into their role smoothly, and the clients are happy where they are at.

Lovely, and how can people get in touch with you?

Josh: By telephone, email and LinkedIn! I am always here to help – you can contact me on 01252 413 077 and my email is [email protected] Alternatively, if you would like to connect with me on LinkedIn, please do.

Lauren: Thank you for your time Josh!

Josh: Thank you!

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