Video: AI and robotics in the construction industry

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Posted 07.08.19

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In a new blog series we plan to bring you stories about new technology that have caught our eye. While we’re specialist technical recruiters, not technology experts, we are interested in the technology and tools that are shaping construction engineering jobs.

We’re even more interested in technology that might affect the job market. For example, we’re beginning to get asked for candidates with experience using AI tools – not easy when many of these tools have only been around for a few years. Technology that can help solve the skills shortage we’re experiencing in the construction engineering fields is also something we want to know about. As well as technology that might affect the job market adversely, replacing job roles or specific functions.

This week we bring you mobile robots on construction sites! Watch the video below to find out more about how the technology used in autonomous vehicles is now being refined for the construction industry.

These Wall-E doppelgängers are not going to replace your job, but they could make it easier, and in the future be a common sight on construction sites around the world.

Digitalising construction sites with AI and robotics

Have you come across this technology on projects you’ve been involved in? Leave a comment below if you want to share your thoughts or experience of AI technology in the construction industry.

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