Spotlight on our Senior CAD Recruitment Consultant – Emma Jackson

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Spotlight on our Senior CAD Recruitment Consultant – Emma Jackson

Find out more about the CAD recruitment market and the challenges candidates and clients face in this interview with our CAD senior consultant Emma Jackson. Read on to learn more about her role and this area of technical recruitment.

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CAD recruitment deskThis edition of ‘consultant in the spotlight’ puts our BIM and CAD recruitment consultant in the hot seat. Emma Jackson sources top CAD and BIM technical talent for our clients, and helps our candidates find their next roles in this field.

Find out more about Emma’s job, the market for BIM and CAD professionals and what it’s like working at Energi by reading the interview below.

If you need support recruiting or finding a job in the CAD arena, get in touch with Emma today!

Jemma Kittle: What do you do at Energi People? Tell me a bit about your role

Emma Jackson: “I’m a senior recruitment consultant and I work within the building services arena. I’m responsible for the support and resource of CAD staff, the technical people who draw all the squares and circles, producing drawings for design and construction.

“My day-to-day activities include talking to the network of candidates I’ve built since joining Energi 4-5 years ago. Talking to candidates about where they’re at and what they’re up to, dealing with clients and understanding what they’re asking for. Then working alongside our clients to deliver CAD services to standard on projects – from schools to residential to big commercial projects like the Battersea Power Station development and the Google building.”

JK: Before joining Energi People where did you work?

EJ: “I worked within the interiors industry in a sales role. I worked with architects and designers selling products, anything from tiles and Italian marbles to wallpapers and even high-end beds and furniture.”

JK: What do you most like about working at Energi People?

EJ: “I think it’s the freedom to be able to network really strongly but also to drive your own desk. If you see potential you can business case it to the Directors and they’ll review it and move it forward with you. The teams that I work with are fun, full of energy (excuse the pun) and we also cover multidisciplinary. My desk sits is between our MEP contractor desk and our design desk, so I have the opportunity to work with around 10 consultants across various clients.”

JK: Since joining Energi People what have your learned?

EJ: “I’ve learned quite a lot about the MEP technical arena because when I walked into it I didn’t have a clue. I’ve learned how the construction industry works and how in the CAD arena people (my candidates and clients) are really open, straightforward – a breath of fresh air in recruitment. I know that when I ask a question I’m going to get an honest answer, so we can match fit people really easily.

“The industry is very open to helping people learn so I’ve been able to increase my industry knowledge and that brings great success in recruitment.”

JK: What are the key challenges companies face when recruiting candidates in your area of expertise? What’s your top piece of advice for companies in this position?

EJ: “The key challenge that companies face with recruiting CAD, is there is a high number of CAD candidates out there. It’s quite a saturated market and you’ve also got some quite strong competition out there, so it’s about finding the key skills set.

“My advice is to move fast. If you see a CAD guy that’s of interest or someone who could tick the box, move quickly because it is a fast-paced arena especially on the contractor side.”

JK: What is the biggest challenge candidates face when looking for a new role? What’s your top tip for candidates in the current job market?

EJ: “Again it’s the competition, there’s always someone out there within the CAD world that can do what’s needed. So it’s how you stand out above the rest. Candidates need to highlight their attention to detail, the projects they’ve worked on.

“Candidates often forget additional skills so my top tip is to demonstrate what you have brought to a project and how you have added value. This will help you differentiate yourself when there’s such a high footfall of candidates coming through.”

JK: Has recruitment changed since you became a recruitment consultant?

EJ: “Yes, I think it has. I think our client base has forgotten why they use agencies and how we can save them time. The service levels are really important, the detail and how far we go to ensure we pick the right candidate for selection. We need to remind clients about this value!”

JK: What advice would you give someone thinking about becoming a recruitment consultant?

EJ: “I think you need to be very determined and able to roll with the punches. We do have a tough time in what can be a dog-eat-dog environment. The best advice I can give is to make good strong relationships with your clients and candidates, get to know the people and understand what it is that they want. It’s about building trust with the people you’re talking to and delivering what you say you’re going to do.”

JK: What do you get out of being a recruitment consultant?

EJ: “I enjoy talking to people – a lot of people will say ‘too much’! I think the enjoyment for me is getting to know the people I’m working with, finding out what they want from their career and being able to find that for them. It’s great when 3 years down the line they’re still doing that job we helped to supply and then they come back to me for their next career step. It’s the long term wins that I really enjoy and seeing someone’s career develop.”

JK: What are your plans for the future? What are your goals?

EJ: “Obviously I want to rule the world! Joking. Business wise I would like to grow a CAD team, I think there’s plenty of opportunity for Energi to deliver some really strong technical people.

“Next year I might be swimming the Channel in a relay, I took up open water swimming not long after joining Energi. It’s a great stress reliever from the job but also really good fun.”

JK: How do you take your tea / coffee and are you a dunker?

EJ: “Tea has to be served with biscuits and preferably watching some rubbish on TV or a good film. I like drinking cold coffee which everyone thinks is weird. White with two sugars thank you very much. Definitely a dunker, I once managed to drink a cup of tea with the help of a packet of Maryland cookies without lifting the cup off the desk!”

JK: What has been the highlight of your time at Energi People so far?

EJ: “There have been lots, especially from a social perspective. Energi host quite a lot of events both for our clients and for our candidates. I’ve been lucky to have taken part in quite a few of those. The real highlight is the people I work with, not only the Energi team but also within the industry. The peer arena is quite a small village and building a good strong reputation in that field is probably my top achievement.”

JK: What do you like to do outside of work?

EJ: “I have a great group of friends. I like to spend lots of time outside, especially swimming. I like the challenge of new waters whether lakes or the sea. I’ve got family scattered across the country so I do travel and spend time with them.”

JK: “Who is your office superstar and why?

EJ: “Favourites are dangerous! There are probably a handful of people who make my job easier, it’s like the BAFTA awards, here goes! James Mowat is highly motivational and really likes to challenge you. Closely followed by Hannah Dalton, she’s a really strong positive influence in terms of keeping focus – she gets me back on track when I wander off.”

Get in touch with Emma if you need support recruiting for CAD or BIM roles, or connect with her on LinkedIn to be the first to hear about roles she’s recruiting for.

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