Collaboration In Construction Engineering Recruitment

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Collaboration In Construction Engineering Recruitment

In this post James Mowat discusses why working collaboratively with technical recruiters delivers many strategic benefits to employers. Click here to learn about collaboration in construction engineering recruitment.

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In Jamie’s recent blog post about the Structural Engineering Awards 2018, he highlighted how valuable it is for our recruitment team to spend time socialising with clients and getting to understand them, their business and industry as a whole. The knowledge and insight we gain provides a foundation for building a collaborative relationship with both clients and candidates.

Collaboration is so important in the construction engineering fields. The industry is very fragmented with clients, design teams, engineers, consultants, contractors, subcontractors and operatives all having a significant impact into the success of a project. Yet in many cases different disciplines operate in silos, communications are fraught and people play the blame game. As a result opportunities to drive efficiencies and innovation are lost, and potentially projects can be derailed and costs escalate.

Many of the companies we work with are advocating collaborative working to resolve these issues, and as a technical recruiter I welcome being part of this approach. Working collaboratively with clients and candidates leads to improvements in quality, time and cost per hire for our clients, and repeat business for us.

Benefits Of Working Collaboratively With Technical Recruitments Agencies

Here at Energi People our focus has always been on building long term partnerships and working collaboratively with our clients, rather than transactional relationships that are purely focused on metrics. Here are a few of the benefits our clients and candidates gain from working collaboratively with us.

Strategic Insights Into The Construction Engineering Market

Market intelligence such as remuneration trends, skills availability / shortages, talent acquisition etc. can help construction engineering firms recruit strategically. If I know that your firm has an expansion programme, is bidding for a project that requires high demand recruits, or anything else that might impact your recruitment strategy, I can help ensure that your firm is in the best position to hire the talent you need, when you need it.

Better Candidate Fit

The insights we gain from working long term with our clients means we have a better understanding of their employer brand, vision, culture and employer value proposition. This enables us to get a much better candidate fit, shortlisting candidates that will engage with the company and improving retention.

Less Stress, Better Decisions

The transactional relationship between client and recruitment agency results in reactive recruitment. It’s fuelled by an urgent need to hire talent, which means there’s no time to build a good relationship and understanding with the client or the candidates.  When we work collaboratively we’re able to plan more effectively to meet future recruitment requirements, and build a talent pool of potential candidates well before a job needs to be filled.

All of the factors above also help to reduce the cost per hire and the time it takes to find the right talent.

If you like the sound of this approach to technical recruitment, get in touch with me to discuss a collaborative partnership. You don’t have to have a current recruitment requirement, in fact we’d rather you wanted to plan ahead for your future needs! Give me a call or email for an informal chat.