Construction and Hospitality: A holistic approach to recruitment in the Caribbean

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Construction and Hospitality: A holistic approach to recruitment in the Caribbean

Learn more about how Energi People are supporting hospitality companies in the Caribbean with our holistic approach to technical recruitment. From construction to resort operations, find out how we source the right candidates.

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Energi People has recruited for the construction industry in the Caribbean for many years. What is not so widely known, until now, is that we also recruit for executive and managerial roles in the technical arena of hospitality as well.  We can therefore provide a holistic recruitment service for hotel and resorts in this region.

Read on to find out how we are supporting clients in the Caribbean after the devasting hurricane season of 2017.

Rebuilding the hospitality industry in the Caribbean

It’s now over 18 months since hurricanes Irma and Maria, and my subsequent visit to the Caribbean where I saw first-hand the damage and destruction caused. Caribbean islands, such as the British Virgin Islands where many of our clients operate, rely heavily on the tourism industry. So rebuilding hotels and resorts has been a high priority to bring money back into the economy and help the islands recover.

While there is still a lot of rebuilding to do, by the end of 2018 many resorts and islands had reopened either completely or partially; in time for the peak holiday months of December through to April.

Since 2017, Hannah Dalton and I have been involved in several of these projects. We have worked alongside Project Directors and HR teams to recruit experienced professionals to rebuild resorts and infrastructure, and fill operations and maintenance roles.

Energi has extensive experience recruiting in the construction engineering fields in the Caribbean and worldwide. Over the last 18 months I have recruited everyone from Logistics professionals and Senior Construction Managers to Electricians, HVAC Engineers (and more) to work on rebuilding projects. In many cases this has involved not just reconstructing the damaged buildings and facilities but often remodelling and the expanding the resorts to give holiday makers even more reasons to visit. Work is still ongoing as many resorts have a phased reopening and therefore rebuilding is still taking place. Some have not yet opened and are still undergoing extensive construction works.

As projects near completion and our construction and engineering candidates leave site, Energi continues to work with the resort companies and hospitality businesses to meet their technical recruitment requirements.

Technical engineering and resort services recruitment

In the lead up to the reopening of a resort, my colleague Hannah Dalton steps in to take up the recruitment baton and provide services to their HR teams. She recruits technical engineering and resort services candidates who come from a luxury hospitality background and have remote island experience.

Living and working on a resort island is very different to other hospitality roles. Essential technical skills are needed to keep an island running, such as maintaining water treatment plants, generators and other operational services. As such, experienced candidates are in high demand and can expect a competitive salary.

However, candidates need to be comfortable living onsite in a remote part of the world; often in close proximity to other employees (and guests) and with limited opportunities to leave the resort or island. It takes someone who’s resilient, committed and with strong team skills to thrive in this environment. Hannah’s extremely diligent in her approach to screening and referencing candidates before the interview stage, ensuring only candidates that have the right mindset and a proven track record are shortlisted.

Again, she’s been recruiting for a host of different technical and hospitality roles including Technical Services Manager, Maintenance Manager, Maintenance Supervisors, Health and Safety, Michelin star Chefs and Human Resources professionals, amongst others.

Do you need support?

Our aim is to provide the hospitality industry in the Caribbean with a holistic approach to technical recruitment, sourcing candidates for the construction phase of a project as well as the ongoing running of a resort. With the volume of projects we seen in the last 18 months following the 2017 hurricanes this approach has been tried and tested, and works!

If you would like to speak to me directly about some of the projects we’ve been involved in, please get in contact.

Hannah and I will also be at CHRIS (May 21-23) in Miami this year if you would like to meet up and discuss how we can support you. Please get in touch to arrange a meeting.