Construction Engineering Recruiting Strategies are Changing

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Construction Engineering Recruiting Strategies are Changing

The construction industry has to keep pace with an evolving landscape, and with this comes change in the way companies are recruiting. The three key areas in which the construction industry’s recruiting strategies are across technology, labour shortages and diversity.

construction engineering recruitment strategies are changing


Technology is changing almost every industry known to man and construction is no different. Quality, safety and efficiency is improving with Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and applications such as laser scanning, augmented reality and 4D scheduling. With these new technologies, it is now the case that companies are having to find candidates with different skillsets than that of yesteryear.

With all this new technology changing the industry, there is a lack of talent out there with construction experience. The construction industry’s reputation as being old-fashioned and set in its ways also makes it difficult to find the right calibre of candidate.

The new generation of workers are looking to use technology in their career and work on cutting edge projects, and we need to recognise this in our recruitment efforts.

A number of ways we can utilise technology to find the best candidates are:

  • Promote the ‘Employer Brand’- While many companies see the benefit of promoting their company brand on digital channels to attract clients, investors and create opportunities for their business, not everyone understands how important the ‘employer brand’ is. This is a way of communicating your company values, ethos, culture and work environment to potential candidates, creating a talent pipeline of candidates who want to work for you. Using digital channels (social media, websites, online forums etc.) is an effective of reaching a targeted audience of passive candidates.
  • Utilising Linkedin– Linkedin is a great network of passive candidates who you can target for certain roles. Building up your reach on this particular platform can be worth its weight in gold and help you find people that are not necessarily looking for a new role or have their CV on Job Boards.

Labour Shortages

Labour shortages brought about by the recession, a workforce that is ageing and fewer people seeking to get into the construction industry are a few of the problems the industry faces. It is pivotal for the industry to actively attract and recruit new people into the industry be new means.

Some of the ways companies are looking to entice talent into the industry are:

  • Outreach in Colleges and Universities– Attending Career Open days at Colleges and Universities is a great way of enticing young people to consider the construction industry. Creating a stall or presentation which is engaging and shows off what can be achieved in the industry can highlight the opportunities for school and college leavers in the industry, as well as in your company.
  • Working with Mentoring Schemes– Mentoring schemes are a perfect way to get people involved in the industry and upskill top workers who are learning on the job.
  • Industry Fairs– As with outreach to colleges and universities, it is important to be active within your industry and ensuring you are an ever-present at top industry fairs and conventions will help you to recruit more people.


Many companies are also looking to broaden their horizons when it comes to new workers. The construction industry isn’t stereotypically seen as an industry that women want to work in but it is important to help make sure women are not underrepresented in the industry. Affiliating yourselves with organisations such as the National Association of Women In Construction can show that you believe in diversity as an employer and are supportive when it comes to the challenges women come across in the construction industry.

As companies look to recruit and retain talent in the changing construction industry, it is pivotal to look into how technology, reaching out to people and organisations and and affiliating yourselves with the right type of bodies and unions. If you want to learn more about recruitment strategies please get in contact at +44 (0)1252 413 080.

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