Careers In Construction Engineering – Construction Manager

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Careers In Construction Engineering – Construction Manager

Consultant Sean Flude shares details about the role of a construction manager in this blog post. From key responsibilities to salary projections, click here to find out what a career in this area of construction engineering is like.

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Whether you are considering a professional change or you want to advance your existing career in engineering, you might be considering a construction management position. This dynamic, challenging and interesting position attracts a high calibre of applicant, including individuals who have worked their way up in construction, and those who have applied from similar fields.

Read ahead to learn more about the Construction Manager role and determine if you are suited to this vocation. 

Construction Manager: Job Description

Construction managers ensure that building projects are completed on time and within budget, and they are often intrinsic to a construction project’s success. By overseeing the build (or an aspect of the built), the manager ensures that all of the objectives are met and all of the different parties involved are satisfied.

Typical Responsibilities

A construction manager’s typical daily responsibilities will change depending on the size of the project at hand. As the manager on a smaller project or site, you might be in charge of the entire operation, while on larger sites you will usually oversee a specific section, potentially reporting to a more senior site manager.

Daily duties usually include (but are not limited to):

  • Planning work rotas and schedules, and potentially using project management software,
  • Creating job listings, interviewing and hiring workers,
  • Setting up the site prior to building commencing: for example coordinating facilities such as temporary offices,
  • Discussing and assessing plans with architects and surveyors before the building works begins,
  • Working with the site workforce when the actual building has begun,
  • Monitoring and tracking costs in order to stay on budget,
  • Ensuring that all work meets legal requirements and building regulations,
  • Maintaining site safety.

Qualifications & Experience

In order to gain the experience necessary to begin applying for construction management positions, individuals should work in the industry for at least five years. You could also become a construction manager after working as an estimator, a building technician or a site supervisor.

In addition to this hands-on experience, you should also hold a foundation degree in one of the following areas (or related):

  • Building studies and building engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Construction management
  • Surveying and civil engineering

As a manager, should also have leadership experience and a desire to fairly and efficiently oversee a team of individuals. A friendly yet firm manner, punctuality and professionalism will all be required to be a success in this role.

Continued Professional Development

In order to maintain a relevant skill set and stay on top of construction industry developments, most construction managers elect to take courses throughout their career. You may also be required to update and maintain specific qualifications and health/ safety certificates on an annual basis.

For more on CPD read our post.


While salaries can vary depending on the location, scale and type of building project, construction managers can often earn between £27,000 to over £50,000 per annum, with senior managers earning upwards of £60,000 annually.

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