Digital tools to help you find a new job in 2019

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Digital tools to help you find a new job in 2019

Here are our top digital job search tools to help you find a new job. From personality quizzes to reading up on employer-specific interview questions, read our blog post to discover the digital tools that can make a difference to your job search.

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Last week Nick Rothery shared a great infographic explaining how to optimise your LinkedIn profile to get headhunted by recruiters. LinkedIn is perhaps the most useful digital tool for your job search, it is widely recognised as the platform for professional networking and recruitment. I thought it would be useful to share this and other digital tools that can help you find a new job this year. Here are my top picks…

3 digital job search tools

  1. An app to help you find jobs and get found

No ‘top digital job search tools’ list would be complete without including LinkedIn. It’s a powerful tool for engaging with potential employers and promoting your employability, but also has a job search app that is really useful. LinkedIn Job Search App allows you to search for jobs advertised on LinkedIn, apply using your LinkedIn profile and receive notifications of new jobs that match your criteria and experience.

  1. An app to understand cultural fit and your personality traits

Cultural fit is so important to ensure you’re happy in your new role and company. Good&Co gives you an idea whether you would be a good fit in different companies by using Myers-Briggs style personality tests to see whether you share similar personality traits to employees within the company. Obviously it doesn’t have data on all companies, but the results from the personality quizzes can be very insightful if you want to analyse what company culture is a good fit for you.

  1. An app / website to discover whether a company is a good employer

Another useful website and app is Glassdoor. This ranks employers using employee satisfaction surveys and is a great way to find out more about a company. You may want to take some of the feedback with a pinch of salt, review sites like this are notorious for attracting disgruntled employees and biased opinions, but overall the rankings can give a fair indication of what a company is like. A useful feature is the interview section, which shares some of the interview questions other candidates have been asked. Use it to help prepare for your interview.

Digital tools can help you do your research into different companies, find new opportunities, get headhunted and understand whether you’re a good cultural fit for an employer or role. But traditional job searching techniques, such as registering with a specialist technical recruitment agency, should not be overlooked!

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