Energi Features In Recruiter’s 2019 FAST 50!

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Energi Features In Recruiter’s 2019 FAST 50!

Energi People feature in Recruiter’s 2019 FAST 50. Read this post to find out why in a challenging economic climate and operating in a sector that is experiencing significant skills shortages, we’re experiencing strong growth.

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We received some great news this week confirming that despite a challenging economic climate, privately-owned recruitment agencies like Energi People are reporting strong growth. In Recruiter’s 2019 FAST 50, we have secured the #41 spot with a compound annual growth rate of 23.7%.

I’m absolutely delighted to be able to report such strong growth. We have worked extremely hard, both the leadership team and our consultants, to grow the business and we’ve been continually recruiting ourselves over the last year to increase the size of our team. As a result we’re able to offer a highly specialised and knowledgeable technical recruitment service to our clients, and support candidates long term throughout their careers.

Recruiter identifies a few factors that are linked to the success of the companies in the FAST 50, factors that I agree are key drivers to our business growth. These include:

Agility and innovation – in many respects we have the mindset and structure of a startup company that allows us to be highly responsive and innovative in a challenging environment.

Global footprint – we’ve established international desks in key markets in Europe, the Americas, Middle East and North Africa, and Asia Pacific. We hope that in the not too distant future we will have permanent offices in some of these markets so we can deliver an even better service to clients and candidates operating overseas.

Niche sector – anyone familiar with Energi People will know that we’re specialists not generalists. I attribute our success in this respect to our focus on long term partnerships with clients and candidates where our consultants have in depth knowledge of their sector, specialisations, and employers. Retention is an important part of our approach, we’re recruiters but we’re also dedicated to reducing employee churn and getting the best candidate fit for all parties.  We can only provide this level of service because of our specialist experience and expertise.

IT recruitment – IT recruitment companies feature heavily in the FAST 50 list. High demand for IT skills particularly in security has led us to open a technology desk with Alexandra Burdfield at the helm. This is a good fit for our other technical fields, particularly as most construction projects now involve a large technology component often including mission critical facilities.

Construction recruitment – we’ve been specialist technical recruiters in the construction engineering fields since Energi was founded. Recruiter acknowledges the challenges recruitment agencies in this sector face – skills shortages are a significant problem and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. However, those in the Fast 50 have still been able to grow and this is again because of our sector knowledge and experience.

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