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Energi People BIM Forum

Our first BIM Forum was a great success, aimed at Structural Design Consultancies it was a insightful and collaborative evening. Find out more about this event and register for future forums here.

BIM jobs

On Thursday 8th September, Energi People organised our first BIM Forum, aimed specifically at our Structural Design Consultancy Clients. With BIM projects being demanded from clients and architects, and what seems to be very little direction and framework to follow, we offered a platform to sit and discuss problems, resolutions, challenges and questions with professionals in the same situation. In attendance were CAD Managers, BIM Managers, Associates, Partners, and Senior Technicians.

BIM Networking

We are aware of the many BIM Conferences and Seminars that take place throughout the year. But through conversations we’ve had, it was often the networking after that offered the best insight. As such the idea blossomed to host an event concentrating on this, with a defined emphasis on “open table, all input beneficial”.

Our event was a great success with clients from a diverse background at various levels of BIM Implementation, convening at Campbell Reith’s office in Southwark who kindly offered one of their meeting rooms. Chad Bedard, Associate of Campbell Reith, helped chair the event through topic introduction followed by input and scenarios everyone is or will be going through.

Topics covered included;

  • What Cobie means for structures?
  • Educated clients are the key to BIM.
  • Does BIM Level 2 exist?
  • As Constructed Models.

Thus far the feedback received has been very positive, with many asking for an invitation to the next event already!

“It was very interesting and informative, a great idea getting consultants together and hearing that others are experiencing the same challenges as others within the industry in relation to implementation of BIM. Please do keep us informed of future events and thanks again. ”

Rob Fryer, Evolve

As well as our clients benefitting from this forum, we as consultants were able to sit in, extracting as much information as possible. The idea is to enable us to offer a better technical understanding when dealing with both candidates looking for new opportunities, and clients seeking new staff.

With returning attendees and already a number of interested parties, we are gathering momentum for February/March time when the next event will be scheduled for. If you would like to be part of our next event, please contact me directly – [email protected] 01252 413 080