Why September is a great time to make new job resolutions!

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Why September is a great time to make new job resolutions!

Don’t wait until the New Year to make a resolution to find a new job, September is a much better time of year to kickstart your new job search! Here’s why.

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New Year’s resolutions to find a new job often end up in the same place as that gym membership or plan to eat more healthily! Our goals to change our health, wellbeing and career get aborted as reality gets in the way.

Finding a new job in January can also more challenging than at other times of the year. It’s more competitive with many other people having exactly the same idea as you. So here’s an alternative. Start your job search in September when everyone goes ‘back to school’ so you’re in a new job by the new year!

3 reasons September is a great time to find a new job

  1. Everyone is back from their holidays – most in-house recruiters, HR professionals, senior managers and other key decision-makers are back from their summer holidays and ready to focus on business, including hiring.
  2. Quarterly and annual budget cycles need to be used up – with only a few months until the end of the year, many hiring managers will want to use their budget rather than lose it.
  3. Pre-empt the Christmas slowdown – you’ve got approximately 2 months before companies start to slowdown for Christmas. Just enough time to get your feet under the table and an invite to your new employer’s Christmas party!

There’s plenty of advice available online for kickstarting your new job search, but essentially it boils down to the following tips:

However, to ensure you stand out from other candidates we would recommend you also:

Focus your CV on results – avoid detailing the day-to-day responsibilities of your roles, instead demonstrate how you’ve contributed to the success of your current and previous employers.

Provide evidence – don’t just say you’ve done it, show you have with meaningful metrics such as how you “delivered cost savings of 10%” or ”reduced the project timescale by 2 weeks.”

Highlight your awareness of new technologies – many companies are looking for candidates who understand how new technologies can be used to innovate and drive efficiencies within the business. Where possible, demonstrate how you’ve used technology strategically and your awareness of industry trends and new opportunities.

Be specific about the job you’re looking for – don’t waste your time or other people’s by applying for jobs that you’re only vaguely interested in. Instead identify the type of role you want, the kind of employer you want to work for (size, field etc.), and the culture and work environment that works for you. This may narrow down the available roles, but it will increase your chances of actually finding a good fit and being offered a new job.

Know what you’re worth – many job descriptions list a salary range rather than a specific figure so make sure you know what that employer is prepared to pay for your experience and skills. You may think that you can command the upper figure, but the employer may have a different idea! It’s a good idea to have a heart-to-heart with your technical recruitment consultant about salaries so you know where you sit in the market.

To kickstart your job search this September with Energi, register your CV here. Alternatively, get in touch with us directly to discuss your career objectives and speak to a consultant on one of our technical desks. Contact details can be found here.

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