Finding a job in cyber security, advice from our IT recruitment experts

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Finding a job in cyber security, advice from our IT recruitment experts

Are you looking for a new job in cyber security? While demand is high, recruiters and employers have high expectations for their hires. Read on for advice on finding a job in cyber security.

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There are no shortages of jobs in cyber security which makes it a very attractive field for IT professionals. However, that doesn’t mean anyone can walk into a cyber security job! In this post, Energi’s technology recruitment desk share tips for finding a job in cyber security.

How to increase your chances of finding a job in cyber security

As cyber security experts are in high demand, the right candidate has the pick of the top jobs. But are you the right candidate? Here’s how to ensure you are:

Focus on an area of cyber security. It’s a very broad field and it’s also fast moving and ever-evolving. Recruiters are looking for specialists, candidates who have focused on a specific area of cyber security and have highly relevant skills in their discipline. If you haven’t developed that specialisation yet, consider a sideways move to a role that can help you get more exposure to the areas that interest you.

Keep updating those skills. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level job or to progress your career, you can’t be complacent about CPD. Identify the skills and certifications required by employers recruiting for the roles you’re interested in, and make sure yours are up-to-date.

Develop your leadership skills. If you’re looking for a more senior role you’ll need to have more than technical skills. You’ll may need to be able to show you can head up a cyber security team, communicate at Board level with decision-makers within an organisation, and make strategic decisions that are aligned with business and commercial outcomes. Seize any opportunity to develop these skills such as presenting in meetings, mentoring other members of staff and working on strategic plans.

Network. Whatever stage you’re at in your career in cyber security, don’t ignore networking. Making connections, raising awareness of your expertise, and getting your name out is really important. Many cyber security jobs are filled before the ink has dried on the job advert, via referrals and headhunting. Make sure you’ve got the right industry connections to be in the loop.

There are lots of job opportunities in cyber security, but there’s a catch. Employers are looking for highly skilled, highly qualified and highly experienced candidates, not just anyone. If you haven’t got these ‘must haves’ to get the job you want, follow the advice above and also consider making a sideways move in order to get the experience and skills you need.

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