Happiness in the workplace

Energi People explore what makes a happy workplace and the importance of openness, encouragement and recognition.

Happiness in the workplace

There is no doubt that a happy workplace makes a happy workforce. Ensuring that employees feel a sense of belonging and purpose is a huge driver in creating happiness in the workplace. As a result, employees naturally feel more productive and innovative and are therefore likely to be more successful.

Prioritising inclusivity, diversity, equity and collaboration are core pillars which companies should be thinking about right now to offer greater innovation and retention. Energi People are proud to be partners with Step By Step charity, supporting young people going through tough times including homelessness. Our Associate Director is a Trustee and Board Director of both Step by Step Partnership & Step by Step Fostering. Happiness is fundamental, as the job market is witnessing a record number of vacancies available, candidates therefore have a vast choice when it comes to deciding on their next venture.

Another important way to create happiness in the workplace is by ensuring the culture exhibits praise, recognition and the encouragement of an equal work-life balance. In the current economic climate, businesses need to express what is good about their culture, share their values and brand identity throughout their marketing and ensure prospects and employees alike feel supported.

At Energi People, we foster openness and authenticity to encourage our team. Energizors are at the centre of our business. Our success is linked to our passionate team, whereby the increasing headcount is a key indicator. We are investing in our talent through the Energi Excellence Academy and supporting personal development/career goals, which ensures that knowledge and talent continue to thrive within our business. Secondly, we have developed a strong career path and made more opportunities to hire new Energizors. Since the pandemic, the number of Energizors has increased by 68%, with more internal interviews in the pipeline.

Testimonials from the Energi People team

“I have been with Energi People for 6 weeks and so far I’ve learned that everyone supports each other and really wants you to succeed. Ringing the bell to celebrate a placement, is a must! When you make your first placement, you also get awarded with a very fancy bottle of champagne. 😊

Everyone at Energi People cannot do enough for each other and the culture is always positive and supportive. Friday night drinks always go down a treat as well!” Katie Shepherd – Recruitment Consultant

“Since being at Energi People, I’ve met some amazing people who help create a really supportive, positive environment. Having not come from a recruitment background, I was given training and constant encouragement to help me to progress in my career.” Joshua Davies – Talent Consultant

“During my time at Energi People, I have made some amazing friends, had some great laughs and made good money! From 1-2-1 training, through to the incentives such as Vegas, the business ensures that you are supported and then rewarded for your hard work. I work closely with my manager and have a Talent Consultant who works alongside me on a number of roles which means we are all checking in with each other throughout the day and helping out where necessary. We all have a common goal and want company-wide success as well as individual. We have a ‘Jar of Positivity’ where people are encouraged to write a note about someone within the business who they’ve noticed working hard, as well as a the ‘Funny Quote Board’ where no one gets away with saying something silly!” Eleanor Leiper – Recruitment Consultant

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Are you looking for your next opportunity? Why not discover our latest jobs – we have a variety of vacancies available internally but also in the Civil and Structural Engineering industry, Building Services, Digital Recruitment and the Business Services sector. In fact, on Thursday 13th October, Energi People will be hosting a candidate event at the Doggett’s Coat & Badge for job seekers and existing candidates to network with us. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Our aim is to create a straightforward path for you when transitioning jobs.

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