How To Choose A Construction Engineering Recruitment Agency

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How To Choose A Construction Engineering Recruitment Agency

Registering with specialist recruitment agency is the best way to get in front of top employers and find out about the most relevant opportunities. But which agency to choose? Here Alex Christie shares some tips for selecting the right agency for you.

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When you decide that it’s time for a move it may be tempting to sign up with all sorts of different recruitment agencies, to give yourself the best chance of finding the perfect role. But this approach can be counterproductive. Spread yourself to thin and it becomes difficult to build relationships with numerous recruiters, and this results in poorer quality searches.

A much better approach is to sign up with a specialist recruitment agency that understands your sector intimately, knows the ins and outs of the role you’re looking for, and has excellent professional relationships with the firms you are interested in working for.

However, while finding a specialist agency – like us in the construction engineering sector – may not narrow your options down significantly. There are several specialist recruitment agencies operating in the construction engineering sector, and most will require exclusivity. So who to choose?

If you’re concerned about working exclusively with one recruitment agency, read this post to find out why this is actually the best way to find the right job.

While we would be delighted if you chose to register with us we also want you to be sure you’ve made the right decision, so use the following list to help shortlist the right agency to work with.

Tips For Selecting The Right Construction Engineering Recruitment Agency

  1. Be clear about the role you’re looking for

The construction and engineering industry is vast. While there are recruiters who cover all areas, others are more specialist. Some recruiters may focus on contractor roles rather than permanent, others are just civil engineering roles or structural. Therefore you will need to identify recruitment agencies with the right specialisms for you.

  1. Check that they have the right expertise

An agency that covers a wide range of different fields within the construction sector needs specialist recruiters heading up each area. For example we have a BIM / CAD recruitment desk, a Civil Engineering desk; Structural Engineering, Rail, Architecture, Building Services etc. While there are often crossovers between different recruitment desks, we firmly believe that we need dedicated teams for each area – rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Industry / function specific knowledge is a really important element of sourcing the right candidate for the right role.

  1. Choose the right geographic location

It may be easy to discount some recruitment agencies simply because they don’t have a track record of recruiting in the location you want to work in. While many agencies may purport to have global reach, check that they really have the right connections in that region. Expect the agency to have a dedicated consultant placing candidates where you want to work. If you’re interested in opportunities in MEP building services in the Middle East, Caribbean and Asia, look for specialist recruiter actively operating in these markets. Similarly, if you want a role in London check what agencies are regularly recruiting for roles in the capital.

  1. Find out about the companies they recruit for

If you have a clear idea of the role you are looking for, you should also have an idea of the kind of companies you would be interested in working for. Does the recruitment agency have the right contacts with these companies? Do they work with them? Have they successfully placed candidates in these companies?

  1. Get independent recommendations

If you can, ask your colleagues and peers about their experience of different recruitment agencies. This should provide you with an honest, impartial view of the agency from a candidate’s perspective. Build a picture of what it’s like working with the recruiter and whether they sound like a good fit for your requirements.

Some of this research can be done without directly contacting each potential recruitment agency, however you will also want to speak to them to get a better idea of their services. Along with asking about success rates and specific questions to do with your job requirements, you will also want to get an idea of how proactive they will be in their search for you. Are they interested in you and finding the right role, or do you get a sense that you’ll just be a number; another candidate of many?


Here at Energi People we’re focused on building long term relationships with candidates and clients (often candidates become clients too). We’ve worked with many people over the years, finding them the next opportunity or rung on the career ladder.

This approach is about understanding our candidates, what their requirements are and what jobs and companies are a good fit for them. I believe firmly that the recruitment agency – candidate relationship should be a partnership between all parties, which is why many candidates recommend Energi.

If you would like to find out more, contact us today on +44 (0)1252 413080 or register online here. You can also contact our international desks here.