How To Find Structural Engineer Jobs In London

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How To Find Structural Engineer Jobs In London

Here Jason Cachia explores how to find structural engineer jobs in London and give yourself the best chance of being shortlisted for interview.

structural engineer jobs in London

Do you want the bright lights and opportunities of a major city like London? If you’re looking for structural engineer jobs in London, there are plenty of openings for the right candidate.

However, vacancies at the best construction companies and structural engineering consultancies in London are highly sought after, with many people keen to work in the capital. Therefore if you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to make sure you meet their requirements and make a great impression.

In this post, I outline the ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’ of most London-based structural engineer jobs we source candidates for. If you tick the following boxes and want to make a move, get in touch today to discuss available roles and your requirements.

Structural Engineer Jobs in London – What London Firms Want

Key Qualifications and Experience

Typically our clients are asking for a minimum of 3 years structural engineering experience for intermediate level positions. Generally, employers prefer this experience to have been acquired in the UK; although with Eurocodes standards some employers will consider candidates with experience gained elsewhere in the EU. This is likely to change in the future after Brexit.

MEng Qualified is preferred for most structural and civil engineering roles, and is often used to shortlist candidates; with BEng Qualified candidates not getting through the selection process.

Experience working directly with clients is also a key ‘must have’ for our London clients. Employers want people who are confident in client-facing situations and can be the professional face of their firm.

A working knowledge of AutoCAD/REVIT is another requirement you will often see in job descriptions for structural engineer roles. If you have more than a working knowledge, it can be a real advantage over other candidates.

Passion and ambition are two other qualities structural engineering and construction companies are looking for. They want employees who want to put the work in, have energy and enthusiasm for the job, and will help grow their businesses too. Candidates who are working towards Chartership will also have an advantage over those that are not.

Depending on the role, employers may also be looking for more sector specific experience such as in residential developments or commercial. Even if they don’t highlight this in the job description it is worth finding out exactly what kind of projects they are involved in and emphasising any relevant experience in your application.

Tips For Applying For London-Based Structural Engineering Roles

It goes without saying that how you meet the above requirements should be clearly detailed on your CV / application form and cover letter. Another factor, that you may need to address, will be relocating if you’re moving from elsewhere in the country or from overseas.

While it may seem biased, employers often favour applications from candidates who are already resident in London, or Greater London, over those that currently living further away. If you’re in this position you could simply omit your current address from your CV and leave your contact information to the basics such as mobile number and email address. However, this might raise a few questions about why it’s not included.

Alternatively, design your CV so that your main contact information (mobile number and email) is prominent and your home address is confined to the last page. This way employers will read about your skills, experience and qualifications before seeing where you live, hopefully, by this stage your CV will have convinced them to give you an interview.

If you think that your current address may affect your chances of getting an interview, make it clear that you already have plans to relocate. Employers will want to know that relocating is not dependent on you getting that specific job, instead that it is part of your overall game plan. Tell them that you plan to move by a certain date, that you’re frequently in London and available for interview, and that your current address doesn’t affect your suitability or availability for the role.

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