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Energi People Insights

Posted 21.07.22

Energi People

A flavour into life at Energi People

Energi People are a privately owned global multi-disciplinary recruitment consultancy, established in 2002.

Why Energi People?

We are one of the most experienced and successful recruitment consultancies in the built environment and have successfully helped some of the largest and most technically advanced building construction projects across the world be completed by bringing the best technical people in our industry together. We strive to help companies grow and careers flourish.

With a headcount of 24, the company has witnessed year-on-year growth with the exception of 2020 (COVID-19). Energi People exists to help source quality candidates and provide them with their next professional venture. The bandwidth and integrated nature of the service offering distinguish us from competitors, as evidenced by the long-standing relationships with clients. Energi People has successfully established a number of sole supplier agreements at home and overseas and are listed on several leading companies’ Preferred Supplier Lists. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients by delivering quality projects on time, safely, with due regard to the environment as well as developing sustainable solutions to meet their needs.

What’s in it for me?

Energizors are at the centre of our business. Our success is linked to our passionate team, whereby the increasing headcount is a key indicator. We are investing in our talent through the Energi Excellence Academy and supporting personal development/career goals. This ensures that knowledge and talent continue to thrive within our business. Since the pandemic, the number of Energizors has increased by 68%, with more internal interviews in the pipeline.

The success of the business is directly related to the continual investment made in the development of Energizors. This can only be achieved through a commitment to attract, develop and retain. Energi People carry out a comprehensive training programme (including training from expert external consultants), within our supportive environment that allows everyone to reach their full potential.

We ensure that regular team building activities are carried out to build our company ethos, spirit and strengthen our collaborative skillset.

Commission is also uncapped, allowing Energizors to be rewarded for their hard work and success.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Energi People are committed to providing an inclusive working environment where all employees are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect; where everyone feels valued irrespective of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or age. The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and its practices are regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure that they are non-discriminatory and treat all employees equally and fairly.

Stakeholder testimonial

“My mentors and colleagues always have an engaging, motivating approach with helping me (and each other) reach their career and personal goals. Everyone cares here, like genuinely cares! If I have a problem, anyone I ask will help to produce a plan to solve it together. It is like a family here and I can’t wait for the future of Energi!” Emily Murphy, Recruitment Consultant

Current vacancies

The roles that we are recruiting for a mainly entry level / junior Talent Consultant role:

Recruitment Resourcer – Business Services – Construction Technology
Recruitment Resourcer – Business Services – Consultancy
Recruitment Resourcer – Building Services Design – Dubai
Recruitment Resourcer – Digital
Recruitment Resourcer – Building Services Design – Consultancy

Experienced Recruiters for all of the above.

Get in touch

Register as a jobseeker in 30 seconds. We’ve always got some great projects and companies to talk about. We are happy to help, so please feel free to get in touch via the following:

t: 01252 413 080 | w: | e: [email protected]

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