Smash it! Interview tips for structural engineering jobs

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Smash it! Interview tips for structural engineering jobs

Have you got interviews for structural engineering jobs coming up? Read our blog post with tips from our technical recruitment experts to smash it.

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How ever many structural engineering job interviews you’ve attended throughout your career, it’s always a good idea to gem up beforehand with a few preparation tips and ideas. Here we share our interview tips for structural engineering jobs.

5 job interview tips for structural engineering jobs

  1. Homework, homework, homework

Doing your homework by researching the company ahead of your interview is vital. Going into an interview with a good idea of the projects they’re involved in or the company mission and values, will help you talk with confidence about the structural engineering job and your fit (suitability) for the company. Not least, it will help you understand whether you want to work for them or not!

  1. Take a portfolio of relevant work

Just as you would tailor your CV and application for a specific role, align your portfolio with the job and the company. Either remove work that’s not relevant completely or consign it to the back. Practice how you’ll present this work in the interview (presentation skills are one the things interviewers may be looking for), and how you’ll use your portfolio to showcase your skills, achievements and ability to do the job.

  1. Prepare some questions for the interview team

A great way to help an interview progress smoothly and in your favour is to take an active role by asking questions. This demonstrates that you’ve thought carefully about the role and have a contribution to make. It also takes the spotlight off you for a few moments and helps you gather information that could help you answer their questions.

  1. Practice interview questions

While we wouldn’t recommend over rehearsing your answers to the kinds of questions structural engineers are generally asked, don’t go to an interview without any idea of what might come up! There may be standard questions like “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, “what are your weaknesses?” and “why should we consider employing you?”; and scenario-based interview questions like “can you describe a situation where you’ve had to handle a dispute between different parties on a project?” You should also expect some technical questions especially for more graduate and junior roles where candidates lack practical experience. Your technical recruiter can give you more ideas of the questions you might face and help you prepare.

  1. Be yourself!

Not always easy to do when you in a stressful situation but try to relax and be personable and true to yourself. If you’ve got to the interview stage for a structural engineering job the recruiter already knows you have the right skills and experience for their role. What they now want to know is whether you’re a good fit for their company. Will you get on with the rest of the team? Can you work effectively in their work environment? Do you have relevant soft skills needed to perform well in their role? By being yourself you can answer many of those questions for them.

If you’re looking for a new role in structural engineering get in touch to discuss your plans. You can also register with Energi People by clicking on the link below.

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