Data Center Project Manager

Location: Fremont, California  Job Category: Data Centre   Job Type: Permanent   Job Salary: £115039.81 - £123257.76 per annum   Posted Date: 08-07-2024

Job ID: PR/035300   Posted: 08-07-2024

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Project Manager

Fremont, CA


Are you ready to spearhead construction projects that define industry standards? As a forward-thinking Project Manager with expertise in large-scale data centers and general contracting business across 24 states, this is your opportunity to join an expanding company committed to excellence. Your leadership could shape the infrastructure powering Fortune 500 companies.

In this crucial role within their dynamic environment, you will:

- Coordinate project activities ensuring cost efficiency and adherence to schedules
- Oversee document control while maintaining rigorous quality benchmarks
- Lead meetings encompassing design aspects through commissioning phases
- Manage intricate budgets and timelines efficiently
- Conduct feasibility studies alongside astute cash flow management for strategic planning

Your daily responsibilities include on-site management of pivotal data center initiatives where interaction with power suppliers and fiber optic firms takes precedence. Additionally, executive level reporting coupled with customer interfacing tasks are key components aimed at safeguarding critical infrastructure integrity.

To thrive as part of their team:

Skills & Expertise:

* Proficiency in Microsoft Project: Managing complex schedules effortlessly.
* Excel Savvy: Handling detailed budget tracking precisely.
* PowerPoint Skills: Creating compelling presentations for stakeholder communications.
* PDF & CAD/Visio Familiarity: Ensuring clear documentation throughout each phase of every project.

Traits Required:

* Driven personality keen on achieving results consistently,
* Hardworking ethos paired seamlessly with dedication towards career growth,
* Excellent verbal/written communication skills complemented by superior interpersonal abilities,
* A proactive self-starter who approaches challenges head-on,

Educational Background:

Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience underpins your professional capabilities along with over four years' worth of adeptness managing diverse projects-particularly valuing those from the construction sector enriched by exposure within the realm of Data Centers.

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