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Location: ,  Job Category: Building Services   Job Type: Permanent   Job Salary: £50000 - £55000 per annum   Posted Date: 13-06-2024

Job ID: PR/035386   Posted: 13-06-2024

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Sub Agent Role in North Wales - Tunnelling Projects

Are you ready to take on a challenging and rewarding role within the civil engineering sector? We are seeking an enthusiastic Sub Agent to join our dynamic team based in North Wales. This is your chance to be part of exciting projects that shape infrastructure and improve communities.

*Role Snapshot:*
- Location: North Wales
- Position Type: Permanent
- Job Title: Sub Agent

As a pivotal member of our operations, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership while contributing significantly towards project delivery. You'll thrive by ensuring high standards of workmanship and safety at all times.

Key Responsibilities:
* Oversee day-to-day site operations.
* Ensure adherence to health & safety regulations.
* Coordinate with various stakeholders for seamless execution.

Essential Skills:
Project Management - The capacity successfully plan, execute, control
and close out tasks across diverse civil engineering ventures maintaining timelines without compromising quality or budget constraints.

Leadership Ability - Directing teams effectively through strong guidance fostering collaboration amongst staff members driving success from inception until completion stages each venture undertaken together organisation's values forefront every decision made throughout process management cycle

Technical Acumen - A solid grasp technical aspects associated with field enabling identification potential issues before they arise along providing solutions challenges encountered during implementation phases involving complex systems structures etc.

Health Safety Knowledge Ensuring compliance legal requirements pertaining workplace environment whilst promoting culture prevention rather than reaction incidents occurring premises under supervision responsibility area concern

We invite qualified candidates who possess these essential skills combined passion industry apply today! Join us embark upon career filled growth opportunities contribute positively societal advancement infrastructural development region beyond.

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