Structural Engineer

Location: London, London  Job Category: Structures   Job Type: Permanent   Job Salary: £40000 - £55000 per annum   Posted Date: 08-07-2024

Job ID: PR/034460   Posted: 08-07-2024

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Position Title: Structural Engineer

Location: London

About the Company:

The company you would be working for is a dynamic and innovative medium-sized engineering firm specialising in structural design and consultancy services. With a focus on international projects, the company is committed to delivering sustainable and cutting-edge solutions across various sectors including commercial, residential, industrial, and infrastructure.

Job Description:

As a Structural Engineer with around 5 years industry experience at this company, you will play a pivotal role in the design and analysis of structures for the company's diverse portfolio of international projects. Working collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams, you will utilise your expertise to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions while ensuring compliance with international codes and standards.

Key Responsibilities as a Structural Engineer:

Structural Analysis and Design:

  • Conduct comprehensive structural analysis using advanced software tools to assess the integrity and performance of various building and infrastructure projects.
  • Develop efficient and optimised structural designs that meet project requirements while adhering to budgetary constraints and sustainability goals.
  • Perform calculations, simulations, and modelling to evaluate structural behaviour under different loading conditions and environmental factors.

Project Management and Coordination:

  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring adherence to project schedules, budgets, and quality standards.
  • Collaborate closely with architects, contractors, and other stakeholders to integrate structural design solutions seamlessly within overall project objectives.
  • Provide technical guidance and support to junior engineers and drafters throughout the project lifecycle.

Compliance and Regulatory Oversight:

  • Stay abreast of international building codes, standards, and regulatory requirements to ensure compliance and mitigate potential risks.
  • Coordinate with local authorities and regulatory bodies to obtain necessary permits and approvals for project execution.
  • Conduct thorough reviews and assessments to verify structural designs meet all safety and regulatory criteria.

Client Engagement and Business Development:

  • Cultivate strong client relationships by effectively communicating technical concepts, project progress, and addressing client concerns or inquiries.
  • Identify opportunities for business growth and contribute to the development of proposals, bids, and presentations for new projects.
  • Participate in industry conferences, seminars, and networking events to enhance the company's visibility and market presence.

Why Join:

  • Opportunity to work on exciting and challenging projects with a dynamic team.
  • Supportive work environment fostering learning, growth, and career development.
  • Competitive salary and benefits package.
  • Convenient location with easy access to public transportation.

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