School’s Back, Now To Find A New Job!

Guidance for Job Seekers

School’s Back, Now To Find A New Job!

Has the summer break made you rethink your current job and career opportunities? If so read this post from Nick Rothery about finding a new role in construction engineering.

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The summer months are generally a quiet time in the construction engineering recruitment calendar, with many decision-makers away on holiday and therefore talent sourcing is put on hold. However now that students have returned to school and companies are back to full capacity, recruitment is also back on the agenda.

This time of year also coincides with an increase in candidates looking for new roles in construction engineering. Two weeks of sunshine on a beach or by the pool gives people time to reflect on their career and their current employer. Many return reluctantly to work, planning to find a new job that will help them achieve their goals. Whether it’s career progression, a sideways move to a different employer, or better work-life balance, our phones are pretty busy at the beginning of September.

So, on the one hand companies are recruiting again and on the other there are more candidates on the market. This means that construction engineering candidates have more opportunities, but also increased competition for those roles.

In light of this, here’s my advice for ensuring you get the pick of the roles available.

Be clear about what you want

Post holiday blues are not a good reason for looking for a new job. Even the most glamorous jobs can lose their appeal when you’re on holiday. Instead you need some clear reasons for moving on, and a clear idea of what you’re looking for. One common complaint employers have at this time of year are the ‘time wasters’. These are the candidates who are testing the job market and are not really sure whether they actually want to make a move.

At Energi People we only want to put candidates in front of our clients if they are serious about finding a new job, and are a good fit for the role. Therefore, we need you to have thought things through and know exactly what you want.

Make time for your job search

High competition for new roles means that candidates must make themselves available, or risk being overlooked. Employers are increasingly aware that their competitors are also looking to recruit the best talent and therefore they want to snap up candidates quickly.

Therefore, it’s important to consider how you will make the time to attend interviews, especially when you have probably already used some annual leave this summer. You may also find that your existing employer is ramping up the workload as they return to normal after the summer break. Consider how you can juggle increased demands on your time with your job search.

Outsource your search

Perhaps the most effective way to give your job search the time it requires, and ensure that you’re only pursuing the most suitable job opportunities, is to outsource your search to a specialist recruiter. Instead of signing up with numerous job boards and multiple recruitment agencies, trying to manage these and identify the right opportunities, get someone else to do this for you.

A specialist construction engineering recruitment agency will take the time to understand your requirements, your experience, and key drivers for finding a new job, and then only put you forward for the opportunities that are a good fit. Their in depth understanding of construction engineering companies and the industry, means that you can focus on your existing job while they search for your new role.

Of course you will also need to get that CV in shape, update your online profiles and start preparing yourself mentally for interviews. However, the first thing we recommend you do is have a chat with a recruiter about the job market and what their clients are looking for. Armed with this information you can decide whether now is the right time to look for a new role, and also tailor your search accordingly.

To discuss any of the above in more detail, please get in touch with myself or one of our specialist recruiters. We have consultants working across the construction engineering sector, specialising in key areas such as structural and civil engineering, building services, BIM and CAD, quantity surveying etc. Have a look at our team profiles to find out more.

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