Marcia Tottman

Finance Director

Marcia has worked for Energi People as Finance Director since 2014, and she is still loving it! The company has changed a lot since Marcia joined – the workforce has grown, but the values are still the same which is incredibly important to Marcia.

Apart from a 6 month break and a couple of temp jobs, Marcia has worked for two companies in the last 21 years, one being Energi People, which says a lot about her loyalty. Marcia has evidently worked for some great people in her career, which she believes is down to being selective and choosing the right employer.

Marcia prefers to work for SMEs, where she believes she brings real value. Additionally, Marcia has gained a vast amount of experience over the years and in different areas of the business, including; finance, HR, legal and anything involved in running the back end of business. Marcia has an abundance of experience in various areas, but she is undoubtedly a ‘Master of Finance.’

Marcia's Latest Jobs

Structural Design Engineer

Studio Manager / Project Coordinator, Oxford – 30 hour week

Document Controller