UK Structural Engineering Salary Guide 2020

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Structural Engineering Salary Guides

Posted 13.01.20

structural engineer jobs in London

Energi Peoples’ UK structural engineering job market salary survey has been collated over the last 6 months of 2020 from salary data representing average salaries paid by a wide spectrum of firms with a structural engineering related function. Learn about the structural engineering career.

Structural Engineering Job RoleExperience LevelAvg. Salary LowAvg. Salary High
Graduate Structural Engineer1-3 Years£26,000£35,000
Graduate Structural Engineer3-5 Years£32,000£39,000
Chartered Structural Engineer6 Years+£45,000£45,000+
Senior Structural Engineer10 Years£50,000£55,000
Associate Structural Engineer10 Years+£55,000£65,000
Associate Director of Structural Engineering10 Years+£60,000£65,000
Technical Director (Structural Engineering)10 Years+£65,000£65,000+

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