Updating your CV over Christmas

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Posted 08.12.22

Updating your CV over Christmas

Why you should update your CV Regularly?

There is usually quite a slow down over Christmas when it comes to recruitment – which means its a great opportunity to shake off the cobwebs and update your CV over Christmas with your most recent experience.

By updating your CV on a regular basis you keep your experiences fresh and top of mind. This can be very useful if a potential job comes up that you need to apply for without delay. Another useful tip, and something we do as a consultancy, is tailor your CV to the job that you are applying for. By highlighting the relevant experience for that particular role, this can give you the edge over others when a recruiter is sifting through a number of other CV’s.

Update your ‘About Me’

In your ‘About Me’ section, many candidates write the same thing. First impressions are most important, so it is essential that you use this section to showcase your skillset, what your aspirations are and how your energising strengths help you stand out from the crowd. Beneath your ‘About Me’ section, we recommend that you list your achievements, including qualifications, awards and accreditations. Adding such accomplishments will enhance your profile further. Additionally, Energi People recommend that you add your LinkedIn weblink to this section, an effective gesture which demonstrates that your social CV is up to date and that you are fully equipped to present your skills and credentials.

Spelling, spelling, spelling

It is also vital that you check grammar and spelling. Poor attention to detail does not give an accurate representation of yourself and highlights defects as opposed to showcasing qualities. Therefore, demonstrating your commitment to detail – grammar, spelling and presentation – will enable your CV to stand out from the crowd. An online tool you can use to help you is ‘Grammarly‘ – an app which you can enable wherever you type.

Top CV Tip

We recommend that after you apply for a role, call the recruiter advertising the job. This will show that you are driven and enthusiastic in searching for a new opportunity.

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