Video: Working In A Niche Industry – Technical Recruitment

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Video: Working In A Niche Industry – Technical Recruitment

Alex was recently interviewed by Christine Rivers of the Centre of Management Learning for a series of videos aimed at graduates entering the workforce for the first time. Here’s the first video where he talks about technical recruitment and shares advice for graduates entering the industry.

Alex Christie of Energi People talks about technical recruitment

I was recently invited to share my thoughts on working in a niche industry – technical recruitment – with the Centre of Management Learning (CML) at Surrey Business School. Below is the video where I talk about why at Energi People we specialise in technical recruitment, instead of being general recruiters, and how this benefits both employers and candidates.

Energi People works in very tight verticals in technical recruitment including:

BIM & CAD Recruitment

Building Services Engineering Recruitment

Civil Engineering Recruitment

Quantity Surveyor Recruitment

Rail Engineering Recruitment

Structural Engineering Recruitment

As you will have heard in the interview above, those verticals can be even further defined by location.

I believe firmly that working in a niche industry gives all parties involved in hiring staff an advantage. It ensures that we have an in depth of understanding of our clients’ businesses and their recruitment requirements; and we also have long term relationships with candidates, enabling us to find opportunities aligned with their career goals and personal requirements.

The CML cast series is designed to share insights and information with graduates, focusing on factors that are driving change and transformation in different industries. The CML is committed to learning from practitioners in industry today about the challenges, opportunities and trends that will impact graduates when they enter those industries. Insight is fed back into the curriculum to ensure that graduates are fully equipped as they enter the workforce in an ever evolving market. I am delighted that I have been able to contribute to this.

I hope you found this video clip insightful and now have a bit more idea of what makes us tick at Energi People. If you would like to discuss your technical recruitment requirements in more detail, please get in touch. Call +44 (0) 1252 413080 or email [email protected]