What’s the Salary Range For BIM and CAD Roles?

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What’s the Salary Range For BIM and CAD Roles?

Are you looking for a new BIM or CAD role, or want to recruit BIM and CAD professionals? Here we share the salary expectations for these roles.

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Whether looking for a new role or hiring new employees, it is important to know what the salary bands are for particular positions. For hiring managers, you need to know whether your budget aligns with the market and allows you to make informed decisions with regards to the skills needed to undertake tasks.

For job hunters, knowing your worth is essential in ensuring that you are going for the right salary that you are happy with and also not pricing yourself out of the market.

With this in mind, we’ve prepared a short guide to show you what the salary bands are for specific BIM and CAD roles.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Salary Ranges


Job Title  Low SalaryAverage SalaryHigh Salary
BIM Coordinator £40K£45K£50K
BIM Coordinator/Architect£45K£50K£55K
BIM Manager £50K£55K£65K
BIM Consultant/Trainer £45K£50K£60K

As a whole, Building Information Modelling Specialists salaries can range from £40,000 per year at the lower end moving up to as much as £65,000 per year. Most of the high range salaries in the table above are normally paid by the larger design and build, or commercial companies. The lower salaries tend to be paid by the smaller or non-commercial companies.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Salary Ranges

How much do CAD jobs pay in 2017?

Computer Aided Design (CAD) job salaries range from £19,000 per year at the lower end of the scale going up to £42,000 for managerial positions. The average CAD salary is £38,000 per annum. Larger commercial companies are paying CAD salaries at the higher end of each bracket and the smaller and non-commercial companies are offering CAD salaries at the lower end of the scale.

Job Title  Low SalaryAverage SalaryHigh Salary
CAD Technician £19K£21K£25K
CAD Coordinator £30K£35K£38K
CAD Manager £35K£40K£42K

For both BIM and CAD roles, the salaries can vary on a few other factors that do not revolve around the company you are recruiting for or applying to. Some of the factors are:

Specific Experience -to move up the ladder it is important to move from a more operational level as a BIM Coordinator where you learn the ropes and actually make the models, to working on projects on a tactical level where you set up the modelling environment to ensure work can be completed to a high standard.

From then on you then move to a more strategic level where you are the main point of contact and the role becomes more about managing strategy and people rather than workload.

Qualifications – qualifications in project management and presentation skills can really help you move up the levels as you will become more strategic and the face of a company or particular project.

Management Experience – when moving up levels, employers want to see that you have experience of managing projects and people. This may not be part of your current job description but it is important that you ask for more responsibilities beyond your regular tasks to get that experience to get promoted or move up successfully elsewhere.

Specific Tools Experience – keeping up-to-date with regards to software and various techniques will ensure that you will be seen as a trusted source of information for other employees and enable you to help shape tactics and strategy for various projects.

When hiring a BIM or CAD professional or looking for a new role, ensure that you know what the specific requirements of the role are in order to fully understand what the role is worth or what you are worth as a candidate.

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