Why There’s High Demand For Technical Candidates Who Can Win Business

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Posted 17.10.18


If you want a competitive edge over other candidates in the construction engineering market, there’s something you should have on your CV. That’s the ‘I’ve got commercial experience’ or ‘I have won business for my employer’ factor, which many companies are currently looking for.

In the Middle East especially, companies are gearing up for a construction boom. Therefore they’re recruiting strategically, hiring candidates that not only have relevant skills and experience in building services or other areas of construction engineering, but also candidates that have business development experience too.

It can be a key differentiating factor in whether you get the job, or it goes to someone who has demonstrated how they have helped their employer win business.

Sell yourself and your commercial acumen!

If you’re looking for a senior role in the construction engineering field, you need to sell your business and commercial acumen. While your achievements might include delivering complex projects within programme and budget, one of the first things potential employers are looking for is whether you’ve contributed to your current employer’s business growth.

What projects have you won? What can you do for a company that will help them secure new business?

It’s not necessarily client-facing type stuff. In might be that you’re involved behind the scenes in the bidding and tender process and can clearly show that your input has won business. Perhaps you’re experienced at cost estimation and that has been a deciding factor in a contract being awarded to your current employer. Or maybe your network of contacts and relationships within the sector is a key selling point.

Being able to demonstrate that you’ve developed strong professional relationships with clients is another thing to highlight. Those relationships may be a contributing factor to the company getting repeat business, so make sure you identify where your relationship building skills have helped secure new projects.

Get more business and commercial exposure

If you’re struggling to make a connection between your work achievements and your employer’s business growth, can you ask for more business or commercial exposure? If there are opportunities to become more client-facing and get involved in winning new work, you’ll increase your employability.

Most employers would be delighted if an employee actively wants to help them win more business, so it may be possible to get this exposure within your current role.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your career plans, and if have got business development experience within the construction engineering field we want to hear from you! We have several clients who are actively looking for structural and building services design engineers to work on their projects and help win new work.

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