Women in recruitment – this girl can recruit!

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Women in recruitment – this girl can recruit!

Find out how we’re addressing gender disparity in the recruitment industry with people and family-friendly policies and flexible hours.

women in recruitment

The recruitment industry has always been attractive to women. Perhaps our people-centric skills are why we find recruitment a good fit. According to Ann Swan, CEO of the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), 41% of the recruitment workforce at recruiter level are women.

However, that fairly level playing field drops off drastically when you get to board level, with only 25% of senior leaders in the recruitment industry being women.

Women in Recruitment (an APSCo initiative) has just launched a benchmarking study to explore this disparity and track progress. Many recruitment companies are actively working to encourage women into the industry, and improve gender equality, so this survey is great opportunity to benchmark performance against others in the sector.

Over 50% of our recruiters are women!

We’re really proud to report that more that 50% of recruiters at Energi People are women, and we currently have more women in senior roles than we do men. This may be surprising considering we recruit in very male-dominated fields – construction, engineering and cyber security. However, there’s no reason why women can’t compete in these sectors, carve out exciting careers, and make serious commission.

Hannah Dalton is a great example of someone smashing their career in the recruitment industry. She joined us 3 years ago as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant. Her commitment and hard work have seen her progress from trainee to Recruitment Consultant, and now Specialist Recruitment Consultant – on our Executive Hospitality desk.

Unfortunately there are some outdated ideas floating around the recruitment industry that women don’t have what it takes to thrive in a high pressure sales environment. We’re delighted to be able to disprove this belief with plenty of outstanding examples of high achieving women recruiters like Hannah.

At Energi our philosophy is to support our team by giving them everything they need to thrive and hit targets. That includes excellent training and mentoring, but also flexibility around working hours. We understand that our recruiters (male or female) sometimes need to work from home, leave early to fit in around family commitments, or have a late start because they’ve been networking all evening with clients and candidates.

These policies are beneficial for everyone working at Energi, not just women. We don’t subscribe to a macho culture of working unnecessarily long hours and always being present. Instead we reward our staff for results, however long they stay in the office.

Of course, we like to see our team and we’ll always find opportunities for socials and teambuilding activities. We promote a very supportive environment at Energi which I think is especially attractive to women. Unlike some recruitment companies where recruiters are in competition with their colleagues, we’re more focused on supporting each other and driving results together. Yes, we do have leader boards and internal competitions, but our leadership structure is based on mentoring and promoting from within, so it’s more advantageous for the business to encourage everyone to support each other.

It’s International Women’s Day on 8th March and we’ll be celebrating all the women in our company that are helping our candidates progress their careers and enabling our clients to deliver exceptional projects and fulfil their business objectives. If you want to join our recruitment team, get in touch to tell us why you would be a great fit!