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Posted 23.03.18

When looking for a new technical role or hiring a new candidate within your team, it can really pay dividends to work with a niche technical recruiter – such as Energi People – that specialise in the recruitment of construction engineering professionals. This blog post outlines the benefits of working with a niche technical recruitment agency from both the candidate and client’s perspective, and even if you are a recruiter looking to work for a leading recruitment agency.

Benefits for Technical Candidates and Clients

Time Saving

Working with a technical recruitment agency can save a lot of time for candidates and clients alike.

For candidates, it can save you the hassle of trawling the job boards, applying for roles, setting up interviews and chasing feedback. A specialist recruiter can handle all of this for you at no extra cost to yourself. It’s likely that a candidate may already have a full time job and job hunting can be a full time job in itself, so it’s great to know a specialist is managing the whole process.

From a client’s perspective, it’s possible that one advert on a job board can result in hundreds of applications. A specialist technical recruiter will only present you with a handful of relevant candidates and make the whole process quicker and smoother. They also proactively source candidates. Having built up long standing relationships with many people in the construction and engineering sectors, they are can find those highly desirable ‘passive’ candidates that are not actively searching for a new role.

Expert Knowledge

Niche recruiters will not only have great knowledge of the roles they are recruiting for, but will have expert knowledge in the landscape of the industry meaning they will have contacts in many of the top organisations and know what types of people and skillsets would be interesting to different clients.

These recruiters are constantly networking and building relationships within the industry, so seeking their support can give you access to that network and open up more opportunities.

Salary Advice

Specialist technical recruitment consultants within the construction and engineering industry will have a great overview of the salaries for many technical roles within their niche. This can help manage candidates’ expectations and also help clients to attribute a competitive salary to the role they are hiring for, so they are more likely to get the right person in that position.

Unique Opportunities

If you are finding roles on job boards, just think how many other people are applying for that role. A specialist recruiter will be able to introduce you to companies and roles that aren’t on the job boards and only for roles that you will be suitable for. This will enhance your chances of getting the right role for you.

Help for Candidates

Recruitment specialists are experts in CV tailoring and interview preparation in your industry; we’re not generalists so our advice and support is not generic. As we are experts in the construction and engineering field, we can tailor CV’s to highlight your experience that will be relevant for roles and also ensure that you are ready for interview by providing information on the hiring managers, company culture and giving general interview advice.

Working for a Niche Technical Recruitment Agency

If you’re a recruitment consultant, or are looking to become one, there are many advantages of choosing a specialist recruitment agency over a general, multi-function, multi-sector agency.

  • Working in a niche – from a career point of view the most successful recruiters often work in a smaller niche and own that niche. They know most of the industry candidates and have relationships with the clients who hire within that niche. By specialising you can become the go-to name for specialist roles within the construction and engineering industry.
  • Warm desks with great roles – working for an established specialist recruitment agency, like Energi People, often means you get a desk that is already attracting great candidates and great roles. While your job will be to build and develop your desk, you won’t be starting from scratch.
  • Excellent training and career progression – we can only speak for ourselves, but generally the opportunities for career development are better with a specialist agency. That’s because to be successful in a niche we need highly skilled and committed individuals that are passionate about the roles we recruit for. To keep talented people like that we know that we need to ensure they can achieve what they want too, so we invest in our staff.

Whether you are a candidate looking for a specialist role within the construction engineering industry, looking for a technical hire or are even considering working for a niche technical recruitment agency, please get in touch with us on +44 (0) 1252 413080 or email [email protected]

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