Your new technical job checklist for 2020

Guidance for Job Seekers

Your new technical job checklist for 2020

Want to find a new technical job this year? You’ve come to the right place! Read on for a checklist that will help you differentiate yourself from other technical candidates and get the best technical jobs going.

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If, like many other people returning to work after the New Year, you’re thinking of finding a new technical job in 2020, we’ve got a checklist to help you do it. We’re not going to tell you to update your CV and LinkedIn profile though (although these will need doing), instead we’re going to look at the steps you should take to really differentiate yourself so you’re in the prime position to snap up the best technical jobs on the market.

Once you’ve ticked the steps on the checklist, update your CV and register with us at Energi People! We’ll be in touch to discuss how we can support your job search in 2020. Click here to register >>>

New job checklist for engineers and technical candidates

  1. Audit your skills

What skills have you developed since you last put yourself on the job market? Technical skills acquired through experience or training are important but also think about the soft skills you can bring to a new role. Soft skills will often be the key differentiating factor between candidates, so make sure you know what you have and what will make you a more sought-after new recruit.

  1. Assess your achievements and results

Many CVs focus on the employee’s responsibilities and day-to-day duties, not what they have actually achieved at the companies they’ve worked for. The difference you make to your employer is far more compelling than your ability to fill out paperwork or manage contracts. What a prospective employer really wants to know is what you can do for them over and above these tasks. Have you won business? Reduced costs? Delivered more value? What kind of return on investment can they expect from hiring you?

  1. Develop your personal brand

What will make you stand out from other candidates with similar experience, qualifications and skills to you? Your personality and values are what can differentiate you from other technical candidates, which means developing your personal brand. Don’t wait until an interview to convey these qualities (you might not get one), instead inject some personality into your LinkedIn profile and other information today!

  1. Make time to network

Networking is important for technical candidates. It’s not just about pressing your business card into a prospective employer’s hand; it’s about building your reputation, showcasing your personal brand, and getting known in the industry. Take the time to schedule some regular networking events into your 2020 diary, so you get the opportunity to develop relationships with people who, one day, could be your employer or a colleague.

  1. Be clear on what you want

Before you start sending off CVs for every job you’re qualified for, take stock and define what you’re really looking for. Job hunting is a time consuming business and while being ‘open to new opportunities’ is admirable, if you put yourself forward for everything going you’ll waste a lot of time (and employers’ time too.) By creating a list of the ‘must haves’ you’ll be able to focus your search in a more targeted way, and tailor all your information to the right kinds of opportunities.

Having completed this exercise you can now update your CV and LinkedIn profile to reflect your goals are for a new technical job. Don’t forget to register with Energi if you’re looking for a new role in construction engineering, IT and technology or Executive Resort Services. Click on the link below.

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