About Energi People

About Energi People

We’re experts in technical & engineering recruitment and passionate about helping people innovate, achieve competitive advantages, deliver projects above expectations, expand overseas and win new business.

How did Energi People begin?

Energi People was founded in 2002. Currently led by Alex Christie and Nick Rothery with the aim to be the recruitment partner of choice for the engineering, design and tech sectors throughout the globe.

What was our journey?

The journey has been very interesting & exciting. Established just prior to the building boom of the noughties both in the UK and overseas. We survived the challenges of the credit crunch in 2008/9, and since the business has gone from strength to strength and Energi People are enjoying an average of 50% growth per year over the past 3 years. The close & long standing relationships we have with our clients and our talent network has seen Energi People deliver key hires and entire project teams that have been instrumental in the success of incredible projects as diverse as;, the world’s tallest building in Dubai, ultra-exclusive resorts in the Caribbean, top secret projects in the UK and billion dollar hospitals in Qatar.

What’s your philosophies?

We won’t desert you when the going gets tough; that’s when we are at our best.

Alex and Nick run Energi People based on the principles of professionalism, dedication and excellence and have developed a strong culture that is passionate about building long-term, meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships. Our approach is based on collaboration, understanding and communication to ensure we always connect the right talent with the right organisation and that every experience is a positive one.

With combined experience of over 200 years in the construction engineering recruitment & staffing space covering every continent in the world, we probably have the expertise to support you.

The Team Behind You

Alex Christie photo

Alex Christie

Managing Director

Chelsea Bird photo

Chelsea Bird

Consultant, Caribbean and Remote Islands, Executive Hospitality

Dominic Horne photo

Dominic Horne

Consultant, Building Services Design

Graham Simonds photo

Graham Simonds

Principal Consultant

Harry Harding photo

Harry Harding

Consultant, Structures

James Mowat photo

James Mowat

Associate Director, Building Services Design UK & International

Jemma Kittle photo

Jemma Kittle

Operations Manager

Kat Jefferies photo

Kat Jefferies

Team Manager, M&E Quantity Surveyor

kellybarnard photo


Marcia Boverhoff photo

Marcia Boverhoff

Finance Director

Nick Rothery photo

Nick Rothery

Director, Structural Engineering

Portia Hotchkiss photo

Portia Hotchkiss

Senior Consultant, Building Services

Sarah Lopez photo

Sarah Lopez

Credit Controller

Sian Davies photo

Sian Davies

Consultant, Facilities Management/Building Services Maintenance