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Welcome to Energi People, your trusted partner for finding the best engineering and technical talent across various sectors. Our dedicated teams specialise in providing top-notch recruitment solutions for the following sectors:


Civil & Structural Engineering

We understand the critical role civil and structural engineers play in shaping our built environment. Our sector team excels at identifying and attracting highly skilled professionals with the knowledge and experience to design and construct safe and sustainable infrastructure projects.


Building Services Engineering

Efficient and eco-conscious building services are paramount in modern construction. We excel in matching clients with exceptional individuals who are adept at developing cutting-edge building systems that optimize energy efficiency and occupant comfort.


Cost & Commercial Management

Cost-effective project execution is essential for any successful enterprise. Our expertise ensures that we connect clients with skilled professionals capable of delivering projects within budgetary constraints without compromising on quality.


Project Management

The foundation of a successful project lies in effective project management. We specialise in recruiting dynamic project managers who possess the leadership and organisational skills to steer projects to completion, meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.


BIM/Revit & CAD Recruitment

Embracing the latest in digital innovation, we understand the significance of BIM, Revit, and CAD technologies in streamlining design processes. Our proficiency in this sector allows us to connect clients with talent equipped to handle complex projects with ease.


Digital Engineering & IT

The fusion of engineering and IT is crucial in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape. Energi People understands the digital engineering and IT sector, connecting companies with talented professionals possessing a unique blend of engineering expertise and digital proficiency.


Business Services

For engineering firms to flourish, a range of business services is essential. We excel in finding individuals with expertise in various business functions, such as finance, marketing, and HR, to support our clients' overall success.


Facilities Management

Maintaining world-class facilities requires skilled professionals in facilities management. Our expert team in this area ensures that we connect clients with talent capable of efficiently managing and optimising the performance of their built environment.


Data Centres & Mission Critical

Data centres are crucial in today's digital world. With the growing need for reliable digital infrastructure, finding the right people to run and improve data centres is essential. We specialise in connecting you with talented professionals who can handle everything from daily operations and maintenance to power management and energy efficiency.

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What’s Next?

Taking The Next Steps.

At Energi People, our commitment is to understand your specific needs and deliver tailored recruitment solutions that drive your business forward. With our extensive industry knowledge and vast network of candidates, as well as our sector specific consultants, we are confident in our ability to find the right talent for your organisation.

Contact us today to explore how we can seamlessly connect exceptional engineering and technical talent with thriving companies and promising candidates. Experience the difference we can make by helping you find the perfect match that propels your business or career to the next level.