Building a Career in MEP Design in the MENA Region Webinar

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Energi People Insights

Posted 26.07.22

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James Mowat, Associate Director of Building Services Design at Energi People presented a webinar on Building a Career in MEP Design in the MENA Region.

With an expert panel of speakers from the region, this is a frank discussion of what its like to live and work in this rapidly maturing market.

Topics Discussed include:

  • Technical approaches to MEP
  • Design in the UAE compared to Europe
  • Positives in the Middle East
  • Challenges in the Middle East
  • Cost of Living
  • What to expect in your first 6 months
  • Opportunities for Graduates and Intermediates
  • Standing out in the Middle East/Differentiation

The webinar tackles the realities of working and living on the MENA region with an honest and realistic view on how you could build a career in MEP Design in this exciting region.

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