Building a Career in MEP Design in the MENA Region

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Posted 13.07.23

Building a Career in the MENA Region

Are you considering expanding and building your career in MEP Design in the MENA region (Middle East/North Africa) but unsure if it’s the right fit for you? Energi People, a trusted partner in engineering and MEP design recruitment, has been fostering connections between companies and top talent in the MENA region for over 20 years.

Construction Boom

With the ongoing construction boom in the region, there is a growing demand for specialised MEP design skills. This shortage presents a unique opportunity for professionals, particularly those with UK experience, to make a significant impact and advance their careers.

We understand that the decision to work abroad can be overwhelming, even with an enticing job description. That’s why we are here to provide authentic insights into what it’s truly like to work in the Middle East. Are there challenges? Will you need to adapt your lifestyle? Is it all work and no play?

Building Your Career in the Middle East

Introducing our video series: “Building a Career in MEP Design in the MENA Region.” In this series, we have candid conversations with a diverse group of expats who have first-hand experience in the region. They offer valuable perspectives on the advantages and disadvantages of relocating, sharing insights into working practices, lifestyle, compensation, benefits, and country perceptions.

Our first episode delves into the Technical Approaches to MEP Design compared to Europe. Gain valuable knowledge from industry experts who have successfully navigated this transition and hear first-hand accounts of their experiences. Subsequent episodes cover the following aspects of living and working in the region:

At Energi People, we take pride in being your trusted guide and support system throughout your professional journey. Whether you are seeking a new adventure, career growth, or an opportunity to make a difference, we are here to help you explore the exciting possibilities in both the UK or the MENA region.

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