Building Your Technical Recruitment Strategy

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Posted 06.12.22

Building your Technical Recruitment Strategy

For many companies, recruitment can often be a knee-jerk reaction either because an employee leaves or because of a new contract. However, if your company is planning for growth over the next 12 months, staffing needs to be on the agenda, so building your technical recruitment strategy for 2023 is a must.

With the current candidate and skills short market – planning is everything! Having a documented technical recruitment strategy is a good idea as it can improve technical recruitment decisions; avoiding mistakes because of time pressures and panic.

Here’s my advice for developing a robust recruitment strategy for 2023.

In summary, the key is to Review what you already have, Predict what you might need and then Plan accordingly.

Build Relationships Now

Many people avoid contacting technical recruitment agencies until they have a requirement. However, a successful recruitment strategy means having people on your side that understand your business, company culture, fit and objectives. Having a conversation about your future recruitment plans puts your business in an advantageous position to snap up the best talent on the market when you’re ready. Build relationships now, and these will definitely bear fruit later in the year.

Another good reason is to get all the paperwork and processes in place. Terms of business, fee agreements and credit checks etc all take time. By doing all this up front you can save time when you do need to hire, especially if you find your project has a more urgent need. For example if this is all in place, you could have a contractor interview, accept and start work all in the same week.

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How do you build a technical recruitment strategy?

Download our technical recruitment strategy infographic here

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