Pioneering Diversity in the US Tech Sector

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Posted 15.05.24

Pioneering Diversity in the US Tech Sector

I’m Kat Lewis and I’ve been in recruitment for over a decade now, specializing in the US data center industry. Energi People has a longstanding history of matching high-caliber talent with industry-leading companies for over 20 years. But here’s the deal: when we talk diversity and inclusion, we’re not just ticking boxes. We’re actually fueling the massive innovation and growth that the U.S. tech sector, especially data centers, is famous for.

The link between diverse leadership and making more money is clear. And it’s not just me looking at some numbers. It’s something I see in action every day, and I think the Boston Consulting Group summarised it best when they said, “Companies with more diverse management see 19% higher revenues from innovation.” And McKinsey? They are right on point as well when they say that, according to an International Labor Organization report, women on boards lead to a better bottom line than those without. Not only laudable but essential. It’s the reason we don’t just recruit at Energi People; we build the workforce that reflects the broad society we live in and makes sure it brings unique insights to the table.

Our Strategy? Women and Diverse Candidates

We’re all about smashing barriers, not just breaking them. How have we approached it? By tapping into women’s networks, minority professional associations, and even tweaking job descriptions to make sure they speak to everyone. But where we truly succeed? It’s judged by the actual impact our candidates make to the companies and indistries they work in.

Those are not merely filling seats, but launching initiatives in sustainability, cost-cutting, carbon footprints, and security measures. Real successes that frame the industry.

The Impact We’re Making

Great strides toward inclusivity have been made in recent years, but still, the hard facts are that great challenges remain, from unconscious bias to lack of visibility, distort career paths. At Energi People, we do not shy away from these challenges.

Instead, we are going to focus on the success and opportunities for promotion of our diverse candidates, creating support networks and inclusive practices throughout the industry. What we mean is that we are here to build communities where diversity is celebrated and leveraged for innovation—not just equitable workplaces. It’s not just what we do; it’s really who we are—diversity and inclusion define us at Energi People. We’re not just part of the conversation;  we want to drive it!

We encourage you to bring your skills and experience—whether you’re a business that wants to build your team or a candidate wanting a supportive career environment. Come reimagine the tech landscape with us into something even more innovative and inclusive. Interested? Get in touch. Let’s talk about how we can make the tech industry not just better but be the absolute best it can be.

Kat Lewis, VP of Engineering, USA

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