UAE MEP Design Market Overview & Salary Guide 2024

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Posted 31.01.24

Welcome to the 2024 UK MEP Design Market Overview and Salary Guide! Looking back, the construction industry has grown, despite predictions, bringing exciting projects but also challenges in finding skilled professionals.
Key Challenges:

  • Shortage of Skilled Talent: Delayed projects, higher labor costs, and pressure to find and keep qualified engineers.
  • Global Supply Chain Issues: Delays in materials and increased construction costs affecting budgets and timelines.
  • New Construction Technologies: Challenges for firms adopting tech like BIM, drones, and AR without the necessary expertise.
  • Environmental Sustainability and Compliance: Meeting strict standards and obtaining permits adds complexity and cost.
  • Economic Uncertainties: Inflation and fluctuating interest rates may limit funding and impact project finances.
    Regulatory Changes: Government shifts in construction, safety, and zoning regulations affecting planning and execution.

In 2023, demand concentrated on Intermediate and Senior Engineers, especially in Electrical Engineering. The M&E Building services market faces a shortage of specialised talent, making finding the right candidate challenging.

Candidates hold significant decision-making power, with a strong CV leading to more interviews. In the fast-paced job market of 2024, swift decision-making is crucial to stay competitive.

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