UK Structural Engineering Salary Guide 2023

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Posted 20.02.23

Structural Engineering Salary Guide

Welcome to the UK Structural Engineering market overview and salary guide for 2023. Below is a summary of the findings.

Structural Engineering Salary Guide 2023

A lot of our clients are going through a period of growth with projects that are leading to the recruitment of new staff members. With the construction market in full swing, it has brought with it the struggle to find new talent.

Structural Engineer Level Salary Low Salary High
Graduate Structural Engineer (1-2 years) £27,000 £32,000
Intermediate Structural Engineer (2-5 years) £34,000 £47,000
Senior Structural Engineer (7-10 years) £50,000 £65,000
Structural Revit Technician (3-7 years) £32,000 £38,000
Associate Structural Engineer £68,000 £70,000
Director of Structural Engineering £95,000 £100,000
*Average salaries are based on client surveys, placement records & candidate research. Benefits are not included.

Structural Engineering Salary Guide – Contract hires:

2022 and the start of 2023 have seen a significant upturn in our civil and structural clients looking
to utilise contract staffing options.

With the current skilled candidate shortage, clients are not able to secure enough permanent staff
for their needs. This has meant they have had to be open to considering contract staff with the
relevant skill sets. In conjunction with this, a number of major projects that were put on hold due
to the pandemic have now started back up again, making the demand for additional specialist staff
even more acute.

Contract candidates naturally prefer Outside IR35 contracts given the “benefits”. The majority of Design Engineers who have a proven track record in contract assignments, are mostly in contracts again; a stark contrast from the beginning of 2021. Some example salaries include:

Structural Engineer Level Contract Salaries Outside IR35
Senior Structural Engineer (5-10yrs Exp) £30-35 p/h
Structural AutoCAD Technician (5-10yrs Exp) £25-28 p/h
Structural Revit Technician (5-10yrs Exp) £27-32 p/h


The war on talent is as prevalent as ever and will likely continue through 2023. The skill shortages
when it comes to Civil and Structural Engineering is clear to see, making our job as specialist
recruiters all the more important, challenging and necessary.

Salaries continue to rise due to the cost-of-living crisis and will no doubt continue to be a significant
factor for candidates when they look for new opportunities. They are also fully aware of their value in the market place, with skilled and specialist candidates having a choice of roles.

Contradictory to the media coverage hype of a recession, we are not currently seeing – or hearing –
clients having any form of a slowdown in their workload or project pipelines this year. We expect to see a lot of positive movement in the civil and structural market for 2023 – both in Permanent and Contract roles – and the busy nature of the market continue to progress.

Download the full Salary and Insights Guide

If you have any questions about salaries or the state of the market, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team via our Contact Form. You can also download the full guide with more salaries and insights:

How much does a Structural Engineer get paid in the UK?

The current average salary for a UK Structural Engineer can range from £27K for a Graduate Engineer up to £100K+ for Director Level. All salaries are dependent on experience, skills and location. Go to our latest jobs page to see what is available right now.

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