Why We Work Exclusively With Candidates

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Why We Work Exclusively With Candidates

A specialist recruitment agency for those looking for roles in construction engineering. But to find an agency that will go above and beyond, you really need to have an exclusive relationship.

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Are you ready for a new challenge? Have you gone as far as you can go within your current company but still want more? Perhaps you need a better work-life balance or a role you can really get your teeth into?

It’s common knowledge that very few high calibre candidates search and apply for jobs on their own. Job searching is time consuming and unless you are actively looking all of the time you may very well miss out on opportunities that would be perfect for someone with your skills set. Also, some roles are never openly advertised so you won’t be able to find them, however many times you search online job boards or turn to Guardian Jobs.

The vast majority of professionals decide to register with at least one recruitment agency. They do this in a number of ways, they might already know of agencies that specialise in their sector so finding their contact details from their websites is easy. Alternatively, they might do a quick Google search, take a look on LinkedIn or make a note of the agencies their current company uses when recruiting for roles.

Which Recruitment Agency Is Right For You

Choosing an agency that specialises in your field or type of job role is vital if you want to secure a great job as quickly as possible. You can tell a lot from a quick phone call to a potential agency, if the recruiter promises the earth but fails to ring back when they say they will then they might be best avoiding. Likewise, if you find a recruiter starts suggesting roles that aren’t suitable or are for a much lower salary than you want, you’ll soon realise that you’re just a number to them.

Not all recruitment agencies are as professional as you’d expect and many just want to get you a role anywhere so they can earn commission, rather than thinking about your long term happiness.

Finding The Perfect Match

It can be tempting to approach lots of different agencies and ask them all to represent you but this is a big no no. It’s much better to choose a good agency that works exclusively with candidates.

A recruitment agency with exclusivity will be much more devoted to finding you your perfect role. They will spend longer getting to know you and what your role requirements are. They will advise you on ways you can improve your CV and when the time comes, help you prepare for interviews. Remember, you don’t pay a recruiter, they receive payment from the company that decides to employ you… so it’s in their best interest to work hard.

They will want to find a good match as soon as possible and will already have close relationships with key players in your industry. (They might have even placed the people who end up interviewing you!) As well as putting you forward for roles they have been briefed on, they will also approach employers they have worked with in the past and suggest that you would be a good fit. A well respected recruiter will be able to get you a foot in the door and you might find you’re being interviewed before a role has even been advertised.

Our Approach at Energi People

We find working exclusively with candidates is the best way forward. We are able to get under the skin of what they want from a role and match them with companies that are offering the same things they want. We don’t want to have a million and one candidates on our books, unlike some other agencies. We want our candidates to be able to contact us at times that suit them so we’re always available. We insist on being honest and will always call back when promised. We don’t just want to help you find your next role, but your role after that, and your role after that. We want to be your helping hand throughout your career.

As well as working exclusively with candidates, we also work exclusively with some of our clients, so other recruitment agencies won’t be even aware of some of the roles we are asked to fill. Companies trust us to find the best of the best – we never settle for mediocre.

If you would like to find out what we can offer you personally, please give us a ring on +44 (0)1252 413 080 or register your details here. You won’t be disappointed.

Energi People are specialists in supplying permanent and contract recruitment solutions to the Construction, Architectural, Infrastructure and Engineering Sectors.  We are proud to work with some of the industry’s leading companies and be a preferred recruitment provider to many.