Why We Work Exclusively With Candidates

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Posted 02.02.23

Why We Work-Exclusively With Candidates

It’s common knowledge that very few high calibre candidates search and apply for jobs on their own. Job searching is time consuming and unless you are actively looking daily, you may very well miss out on opportunities. Not to mention, some roles are never openly advertised so you won’t be able to find them.

Which Recruitment Agency Is Right For You

The vast majority of savvy professionals decide to register with just one or two recruitment agencies. Choosing an agency that specialises in your field or specific type of job role is vital for that ideal job.

You can tell a lot from a phone call to a potential recruiter. If they promises the earth but fail to call back, or starts suggesting roles that aren’t suitable or for a much lower salary, you’ll soon realise that you’re just a number. Unfortunately, not all recruiters are as professional as you’d expect. Many just want to get you a role somewhere so they can earn commission, rather than thinking about what’s best for you.

Finding The Perfect Match

It can be tempting to approach lots of different agencies and ask them all to represent you but this is not ideal! Your CV will get blasted out to a large number of companies, in the hope that someone will bite. Clients may also get your CV multiple times and will most likely dismiss it. It’s much better to choose a good agency that works exclusively with candidates and keeps you in the loop.

A recruitment agency with exclusivity will be much more devoted to finding you your perfect role. They will spend longer getting to know you and what your role requirements are. They will advise you on ways you can improve your CV and help you prepare for interviews.

Remember: a recruiter gets paid by the company that employ’s you, so it’s in their interest to work hard for you.

A good recruiter will already have close relationships with key players in your industry. (They might have even placed the people who end up interviewing you!) As well as putting you forward for existing roles, they may approach Clients they work with and suggest that you would be a good fit. A well-respected recruiter will get you a foot in the door and you could find you’re being interviewed before a role has even been properly gone live.

Why Energi People work Exclusively with Candidates

We find working exclusively with candidates is a win/win for both parties. We can really get to know what you want and match you with companies that are offering the same things. Lasting relationships are built on trust and understanding. We insist on being honest with you about roles, remuneration and the type of companies you would be a good fit for. Our Consultants don’t just want to help you find your next role, but to stay in touch and build on the relationship to be your partner of choice now and in the future. We want to be your helping hand throughout your career whether as a candidate or potentially a future client.

As well as working exclusively with candidates, we also work exclusively with some of our clients. That means that other recruitment agencies won’t even know about some of the roles we are asked to fill. And working with top tier clients means we get access to some of the best jobs available in the industry.

If you would like to find out what we can offer, please call us on +44 (0)1252 413 080 or register your details.

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