A Good Time To Be A Passive Candidate

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Posted 11.07.23

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While it’s understandable that many professionals may be hesitant to seek new opportunities in the face of economic and political uncertainty, the truth is that NOW is the perfect time to break free from the comfort of your current role and explore the possibilities that await. It really is a good time to be a passive candidate.

There’s no denying that the allure of job security is strong. The stability and familiarity of our current positions can create a safety net that keeps us anchored. But let’s not forget the valuable lesson we’ve learned in recent years—the only constant in life is change. By allowing the fear of instability to dictate our career decisions, we risk missing out on exciting avenues for advancement and personal growth.

While this sentiment is understandable, if the last few years has taught us anything it is that change is the only real certainty. As a result if we all put our career plans on hold waiting for some stability, we could be waiting a very long time. There is also the very real potential that by sitting tight your career chances in the future could be limited. If you’ve been in a role for several years with no career progression when you do decide to make a move, employers may question your suitability.

Are You A Passive Candidate?

In today’s candidate-short market, those who have adopted a passive approach to job hunting are reaping the benefits of a highly competitive landscape. The current state of affairs presents a golden opportunity for ambitious professionals to elevate their status and find that next rung on the career ladder. With a shortage of qualified candidates, now more than ever organisations are actively seeking individuals who possess the necessary skills and experience to drive their businesses forward. It’s a candidate’s market, and passive candidates are sitting in the proverbial catbird seat.

Be Visible

Today’s workplace is highly dynamic, and those who embrace change and take calculated risks are the ones who ultimately flourish. By positioning themselves as passive candidates, professionals are signaled as individuals who are content yet open to new opportunities. This status alone makes them enticing to employers looking for top talent that might not be actively seeking employment.

Moreover, embracing passivity doesn’t equate to complacency. It’s about being selective and strategic. Take the time to reflect on your career aspirations and identify the areas where you can continue to grow and make a greater impact. Research organizations that align with your values and offer exciting prospects. Engage with industry professionals and stay abreast of trends and developments in your field. By doing so, you’re ensuring that you’re prepared for the right opportunity when it comes knocking.

If you’re interested in becoming a little more visible to recruiters, both in-house and specialist technical recruitment agencies, these 3 places are where you need to be:

On our Database

If you’ve previously registered with Energi People, update your details with a refreshed CV and contact us to have a chat about your updated requirements. Your criteria can be as specific as you want. For example, you may only be interested in working for certain companies or in a specific location.

Network with Industry Colleagues

Attending industry events and building your professional network is a good way to find out about unadvertised jobs that might be exactly what you want. Networking will also help you explore different companies or get a better idea if they are a cultural fit.

Update your LinkedIn Profile

Tailor your LinkedIn profile for the type of role your interested in. This will help recruiters find you, but also reduce the number of approaches from people with unsuitable roles. Most passive candidates have out of date LinkedIn profiles, so If you’re looking for promotion and career progression, it’s a good idea to tweak your profile to that role rather than the one you’re in.

Check out more LinkedIn profile advice here

In today’s fast-paced world, waiting for stability can be an exercise in futility. Instead, focus on taking control of your career trajectory and actively shape your professional future. Be bold, embrace the uncertainty, and leverage your passive status as an advantage. Who knows what exciting doors could open when you venture beyond your comfort zone?

The rewards are waiting for those who dare to take the leap. So, leave behind the apprehension of yesterday and embark on a journey of professional growth. Seize the moment and become a passive candidate in today’s thriving workplace. Your future self will thank you.

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