Mission Critical Facilities: High Demand for M&E Design Engineers and Resident Engineers

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Posted 12.09.18

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Mission critical facilities and data centres are being designed all around the world and as a result there is high demand for M&E Design Engineers and Resident Engineers.

In a digital world where data powers business, downtime is not an option. So, companies and organisations require highly resilient infrastructure to ensure critical services are uninterrupted. To deliver mission critical projects like these, experienced M&E design engineers are required. If you have the right experience you can expect to be well compensated for it.

M&E Design Engineering Jobs For Mission Critical Facilities

We have global clients seeking candidates to work on mission critical facilities including data centres, laboratories, financial facilities and other locations considered mission critical. Along with clients in the UK, who are also developing big projects throughout Europe, I have clients in Dubai, Singapore, Qatar etc. who also want experienced engineers.

Predominantly it is the data centre market that is driving demand. With digital transformation – where more companies, organisations, governments and individuals are using cloud-based systems – the market for secure, resilient data centres has exploded.

Talented and experienced candidates are quite rare – so you can expect salary levels and contractor rates to be higher than for other M&E design engineering positions in non-critical building services. Projects are technically challenging but also very rewarding, and there are many opportunities to work overseas if that appeals to you.

So what are clients looking for? Below are the key ‘must haves’ many of my clients want, and are prepared to pay for:

  • Knowledge of the operation of critical building infrastructure (e.g. electrical, mechanical and fabric),
  • Experience in redundancy in M&E systems for mission critical installations,
  • Sound knowledge of key Health and Safety issues and legislation,
  • Relevant sector experience such as data centres, healthcare labs and clean rooms,
  • Experience in sustainability planning, auditing and delivering energy-efficient facilities,
  • Commercial awareness, including robust technical knowledge relevant to building services design, and capable of incorporating those technologies into the mission critical / data centre sector,
  • Knowledge of relevant new developments and technology, and the ‘next generation’ of mission critical facilities.

I don’t think the market for mission critical facilities is anywhere near peaking yet. In fact, as well as data centres, server farms and other facilities that are built specifically to house mission critical operations, increasingly many businesses are taking on the characteristics of these facilities. That’s creating demand for refurbishments and upgrades to provide secure facilities within existing buildings.

Next steps?

If you are an experienced M&E Design Engineer and would like to explore opportunities to work on mission critical projects, please get in touch. If you haven’t got specific experience in this market but are interested in breaking into mission critical facilities design, give us a call anyway! We’d be happy to look at your background and advise you on ways to get the necessary experience, or flag opportunities that can help you get there.

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