Civil and Structural Market and Salary Guide 2024

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Posted 01.02.24

The job market for Civil and Structural Engineering in the UK is continuing to be buoyant in 2024, with lots of companies growing and taking on new projects. The challenge, though, is finding skilled people to fill these roles. The demand for certain skills is high, making it tough for companies to hire the right talent.
Most of the jobs we’ve helped fill in the last year are for intermediate and senior engineer positions, especially in design and technical roles. Looking ahead, many of our clients expect more growth in 2024, and things look promising with healthy order books.



Surprisingly, the contract job market is still strong, even though some expected it to slow down. Companies are cautiously hiring on a contract basis to find the right people for specific roles. 2023 was a resilient year for the industry, showing growth despite challenges from Covid and Brexit. Companies are expanding teams, both in the UK and internationally, thanks to project approvals.

While companies prefer permanent hires, the shortage of skilled engineers in civil and structural roles means recruitment specialists play a crucial role. Our job is vital: helping companies make smart hires that fit their long-term goals instead of rushing into decisions based solely on cost.

Our 2024 Salary Guide and Market Overview dives into all these details, offering insights into salary trends, the job market, and smart hiring strategies. In a competitive market like this, having the right information is key to making good decisions.

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