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Posted 22.02.22

Structural Engineering Salary Guide

Market conditions have dramatically improved since the beginning of 2021. Vertical growth in most project sectors has created exponential opportunity for businesses of all sizes across the UK.

Structural Engineer Salary Guide 2022

Structural Engineer Level Salary Low Salary High
Graduate Structural Engineer (1-2 years) £25,000 £32,000
Intermediate Structural Engineer (2-5 years) £33,000 £45,000
Senior Structural Engineer (7-10 years) £45,000 £60,000
Principal Structural Engineer (10-15 years) £60,000 £70,000
Associate Structural Engineer £65,000 £75,000
Associate Strutural Engineering Director £75,000 £90,000
Technical Structural Engineering Director £80,000 £100,000
Director of Structural Engineering £90,000 £120,000
*Average salaries are based on client surveys, placement records & candidate research. Benefits are not included.

Structural Technician Salary Guide 2022

Structural Technician Level Experience (years) Salary Low Salary High
Junior Structural AutoCAD Technician 0-3 £20,000 £26,000
Junior Structural Revit Technician 0-3 £22,000 £30,000
Structural AutoCAD Technician 3-7 £28,000 £35,000
Structural Revit Technician 3-7 £30,000 £38,000
Senior Structural AutoCAD Technician 7-10 £35,000 £45,000
Senior Structural Revit Technician 7-10 £38,000 £50,000
Senior Structural Technician / CAD Manager 10+ £45,000 +
BIM Manager 10+ £55,000 +
*Average salaries are based on client & candidate surveys and internal placement records. Benefits are not included.

Structural Engineer Contract hires:

The introduction of IR35 has undoubtedly had an impact on the contractor workforce. Our industry has always been very heavily supported by contractors with the natural peaks and troughs created by projects. We have seen a slow, but steady increase in contract enquiries from our clients, which have been created due to the sheer demand for permanent talent & clients not being able to wait for the full permanent recruitment process (interviews, notice periods etc.)

Contract candidates naturally prefer Outside IR35 contracts given the “benefits”. The majority of Design Engineers who have a proven track record in contract assignments, are mostly in contracts again; a stark contrast from the beginning of 2021.

Due to the shortage of permanent talent within our beloved sector & the huge amount of demand, I am confident we will see continued growth in the contract market, both inside & outside of IR35, with more clients unfortunately having to accept the higher rate options for contract PAYE candidates, even as a short-term fix until they secure a permanent candidate.

Structural Engineer Level Contract Salaries Outside IR35
Senior Structural Engineer (5-10 years’ experience) £28-35 p/h
Senior Structural Engineer (10 years’ + experience) £35-45 p/h
Structural AutoCAD Technician (5-10 years’ experience) £25-28 p/h
Structural AutoCAD Technician (10 years’ + experience) £28-32 p/h
Structural Revit Technician (5-10 years’ experience) £27-32 p/h
Structural Revit Technician (10 years’ + experience) £32-36 p/h


2020 lockdowns & the inability for a vast number of structural engineering graduates to secure opportunities, I fear we may see a talent shortage at intermediate level in the next 2-3 years. This is very similar in my professional opinion, as to why there is a significant shortage in client facing Senior, Principal and Associate levels, due to the 2008-2009 global recession.

Permanent recruitment continues to lead the way, with contract certainly starting to increase.

Time to offer & general decision making in clients recruitment processes are the biggest factor in them not securing talent.

As clients are now trying to bring staff back to their offices, an element of flexibility still needs to be taken into consideration. 2 days working from home and 3 days from an office appears to now be the industry norm. Companies trying to get staff back to their offices 5 days a week, in my opinion will struggle to attract talent along with retaining current staff as better, more flexible opportunities, will present themselves in the market.

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